Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Beau read JSA #51 last Saturday night. Then he said, "I know why you liked Mordru." I smiled and looked at him for an answer. He then smiled and wrote down, "He says things as it is."

Bingo! Beau gets it right. It is not matter of how powerful he is with his magic or his chronal energies, it is how he talks.

"My mistake, boy. Such a wonderfully grand entrance! But you are still a pretender. A weak mind. Weak soul. Lost in your own self-pity. Hiding under that helmet. I do not know how you managed to return to the mortal plane but where I banish you next -- you'll never return!"

"Coward?! I fear nothing! You are nothing!!"

"If I must die to escape a life of anguish and misery ... then so shall you!"

"Ahh, you cannot know how good this feels, Time Mistress ... if we are truly to accomplish this quickly ... come with me." (Mordru then wiped out 8 mages in a blink, absorbed their powers and souls, these 8 mages never had a time to think or react).

As you can see, I love Mordru. He's badass character who does not give a shit about others but himself.



P.S. Beth, I just realized something ... remember we often chatted about stupid things when we were flying high? That was fun ... sigh ... we gotta do it again someday.

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