Thursday, October 16, 2003

Ahh. Just wanted to talk about professional baseball games. I felt bad for Steve Bartman. The die-hard fan of Chicago Cubs who was caught up in the excitement and tried to catch a foul ball, did not see Cubs' player trying to catch it ... the result is that the Cubs collapsed and lost the last two games to Florida Marlins.

This is interesting. The Cubs hasn't reached nor won the World Series since 1908. Many said that the team was cursed by a bar owner with a goat or something. Nevertheless, what made me smile is that it was their own FAN who was the first "domino effect" that puts the Cubs away.

I felt bad for Steve Bartman because he is 26, die-hard fan of Chicago Cubs and yet, everyone in Chicago hates him. Even the Governor of Illinois took a crack at him. I think I need to send Steve to Beth's bosoms for some protection. God knows how big her boobs are and capable of hiding him for months. ;-)

Otherwise, I hope Boston Red Sox wins tonight against Yankees mainly because I like to see the strings broken. I like to see Yankees fans being stunned and anguished. Maybe a riot will occur -- either way, I'll be there!



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