Monday, September 29, 2003

Know what? I thought I would never say this but I miss Chipotle's! God damn it - I miss it very much. I hadn't seen any in New York! The burning sensation of that spicy beef on my tongue is ecstatic. I miss it very much! :-( So soon when I invade DC, Chipotle's is going to be the first victim on my list. I'm going to put them out of business.

You know me, I love hot dogs. I have weakness for these dogs. No, not your dicks. The real HOT DOGS which you eat in your mouth and swallow it completely into your stomach! In DC, someone once said that you had not been to DC completely unless you went to Ben's Chili Bowl. Well, it is true. Its hot dogs are out of this world.

But in NYC, I found one that could rival DC's Ben's Chili Bowl. It is called CRIF Dogs in East Side. It has a slogan that says, "It is so good that you will hump your mama!" It is so good. I'm telling you. It is so good that it violated the jewish beliefs! The hot dogs, upon your request, can be bacon wrapped!!! So good, so sinful!

I was walking through the Tompkins Square Park. Saw lots of dogs in few months than I did in my lifetime. It seems to me that dogs are more interested in hydrants. Looking at one, they would stop and sniff for a long time. sometimes I wondered what they were THINKING about???

Spitting. God, I hate it. But it is the way of life -- for men in the Ozarks and ... yes, in New York City! Men spat everywhere. They spat on the sidewalks, grass, roads. And this morning in the subway station ... as the train rolled in, a guy in a nice suit with briefcase spat a big one on the exterior wall of the train before he stepped into the train in front of others and me. Nobody cared. We just stepped in the train. Sad ...

You know, my attitude is more of ... if you drop a shit on me, I will not be responsible for that so you bet I will throw it back at you. Think about it, my friends.



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