Saturday, September 27, 2003

This morning, I was cleaning up my room and re-organize my photo albums. Beth, I still have that picture of you as a kid with your cute brothers. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I found one picture that I took in Summer '97 when I drove through Wyoming. Such a great time! Upon entering Yellowstone National Park, there was a huge post by the road, it reads:


To a regular visitor, it made me chuckle at first.

I was watching The Osbournes' First Season on DVD -- man, I wish I could be part of that! Sharon and Ozzy are cool parents. I love the way Sharon used words to emphasize when someone offended her, "Not a word." She quipped again and again.

Tonight, I shall go to Excelsior Bar here in Park Slope to see what is up with the bar because it was mentioned in an email that a Deaf Nite will be taken place at that bar.

Had a fight with one guy last night. We were mad at each other. He blocked me online. That made me realize something. In a warped, bizarre sense, we kinda 'cyberloved' each other even we never met. He is funny, smart and attractive. But also volatile, opinionated and firm. There are some stuff I should not have said to him in the first place. I guess I will try to apologize, somehow. But I personally think this particular fight made me realize that he is indeed cute. Umm.

Ahh, I just hope Beau gets online so we can talk about the plans today or tomorrow. Sigh.


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