Friday, September 19, 2003

Saw Gallaudet yearbook '01-02 which was distributed in part because the Gallaudet Administration confiscated the first edition last year. It contains some offensive comments about people. I finally got to see what people already said to me -- that in its Black Book, I was voted by the students as the Most Drama Queen of the Year at Gallaudet, I won with 48% while Rayni Plaster finished with 32%.

Dont know if I'm proud or pissed off about it. So no idea. Who cares?

Went to a gay bar. Very well-known for its sleazy, laid-back atmosphere which several famous people went to once in a while (they were mentioned in NY POST's Page Six). I'm telling you, I was standing near the entrance (was getting ready to leave) when a bouncer passed me his joint. I thought it was a cigarette. No, it was not. Wow. Well, I did not mention if I inhale or not.

Went to Remote Lounge last night, in part because I'm so cheapskate -- saw The Onion (check advertisement about free Bordu Vodka from 7pm to 9pm. When I got to Remote Lounge, I was flabbergasted with the environment. Everywhere, there are tiny camcorders with joysticks and buttons. If you want to cruise someone else in the basement or over there in the back, you use it to move the camera and call them. It was fun. I found one very cute guy. He knew someone was cruising him, he kept on saying, "Use the phone". All TV monitors has phone right next to it, but I ignored the phone. I just pushed the joystick up and down to check his body. He grinned and showed me his pierced nipple. Very cute. Then he pleaded me to pick up the phone. I picked up the phone and banged it on the table repeatdly then hung it up. Very fun, very cruisy and too bad it's straight bar.

Dating is good, but I need someone to nag and contend with me for 30 years. CWO said, 'Be careful, men are prone to take up the space in bed.' Ahh, cute, but that is what I wanted. I want petty things. If I was a lesbian or straight, I would chase Kate, Beth or maybe Chlms (these days, she is driving me nuts!) because they would just say things what's on their minds be it relevant or irrelevant.

People said, 'Honey, there are plenty of fishes in the sea,' -- yeah, but if you classify all fishes into different groups, and you are pretty limited to what you have on the table.

Ahh, I love the hurricanes. Too bad, Isabel did not come to Manhattan and cleansed East Side of its feces. I grew up in Virginia where hurricanes came by once or twice a year (if I am lucky, 3 or 4!). It is always fun and dramatic. One time few years ago, I took my European friends to the waterpark on the same day a Tropical Storm blanketed the region -- only less than 10 people were at the waterpark. We had a memorable time. My European friends told me that when they went to Europe and told them that they rode out the storm while they were at the waterpark, they were amazed. Cool?



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