Sunday, September 28, 2003

"Hello Hoyt Parker." that word always stir me up. This was featured on The Colbys, a stupid spinoff of Dynasty, a nighttime soap opera on ABC TV a long time ago. What happened is that the Colbys learned that Hoyt Parker was the one who killed Constance Colby, but they also learned that the name itself was a pseudo name by someone else. Shortly, a family member turned to see a familiar figure who happens to be his ex-wife (which nobody in the Colbys knew at all), and she said, "Hello Hoyt Parker." Turned out that she is Mrs. Hoyt Parker. That was pretty traumatic moment for an early teenager like me. Probably why I am so dramatic at times.

I just realized something. 2003 is the *first* summer that I hadn't swam at all -- beach or pool. Not at all. the last time I swam was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last March with Mark who was yelling at me that the pool is fuckin' cold. The Hotel was also the situation that I had an oral intercourse with a married, straight stud who works as the maintenance resident. It was fun.

Of course, there are few things that happened last night but it is personal. So i am not going to talk about that -- you faggot fakey hos! I already learned my lessons during the college years and I shall not repeat it.

Gotta hit the sack for the week. Sleeping is something that is scarce in this town.

Until then,


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