Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Verne E. Taylor Jr and Linda Mahmood Embezzles $160,000 from OAD

Verne Taylor Jr of Cleveland, Ohio
COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio Association of the Deaf has removed President Verne Taylor, Jr and Treasurer Linda Mahmoud who had been holding the positions for 10 years. Needless to say, the main reason on why they held the position for 10 years is to hide the fact that Verne and Linda has embezzled about $160,000.
It was said that for 10 years, the Board members were not able to look through any financial transactions or reports because Linda and Verne conspired and refused to share and distribute the reports. 
As expected, $160,000 were unaccounted for. Not only that, the confidence in OAD by Deaf Community has eroded in the last 10 years, going from hundreds of members to less than 50ish. 
The certain board members and members of OAD became concerned after noticing the pattern of refusal in sharing the finances and prompted them to create the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) last September 14 and in the process, had called upon for the OAD special emergency meeting last October 6, 2019 which Verne Taylor and Linda Mahmoud refused to acknowledge and show up to confront the issues. 
Because they did not cooperate in communicating with the members of OAD and the Deaf Community in Ohio, Verne and Linda were forcibly removed from the positions by the SPC of OAD with the full support of Deaf Communities. It seems that it did not faze Verne that much as Verne had demonstrated the aura of defiance for the SPC, OAD and the Board's decisions as he continues to taunt from his vlogs. 
In addition, the SPC/OAD has sent the formal letters to Verne and Linda to turn over the finances, cash, assets, accounts by October 3. If they refused, the SPC will implement in getting the authorities to prosecute for theft and other criminal activities.
Right now, Elisha Jo Northup is the acting Secretary along with the Board trying to repair the wrongs that Verne and Linda has left upon OAD for the last 10 years. SPC is currently working on getting the investigator to get to the bottom of how much Verne and Linda had embezzled for 10 years. It is likely that they embezzled somewhere around $150,000 to $160,000. 
It is tragic considering the historical background of Ohio Deaf Community, it was one of the nation's most robust Deaf communities falling to the rock bottom struggling to climb out of its scandals. 
Ohio is considered to be the birthplace of "Deaf Leadership" as OAD was the first one to host the NAD National Convention in 1880 and OAD was the first one to create the permanently senior citizens home for Deaf people at Columbus Colony. Not only that, many former NAD officers came from Ohio. Ohio is also the birthplace of American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD), now known as United States Deaf Sports Federation (IUSDSF). 
And remember this: You found out about this from me, not The Daily Moth, DeafNewspaper, Sign1News or DPAN-TV. 
And if you look at the dates. September 14, September 26, October 6 and today is November 5. None of these so-called Deaf news services mentioned about it ... until I did. Just remember this, since I mentioned it - someone out there will rush in to announce about this scandal but please let's be fair and give credit where it belongs.

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