Saturday, November 16, 2019

An Update on My 30-Day Fundraising Project

Update XVI: On 15th of November, I received 4 donations for the total of $175. As of now, the amount I have raised is $2,005!
Your donations in the last 15 days for this month, I was able to generate the total of $1,665.
With your help, the fundraising project already passed the $1,500 goal with 14 days left to go. Because of the donations, the balance has surpassed $2,000!! Wow!!
* Hotel stay is secured!
* Meals, gas and transportation are secured!
* Little back up emergency will be secured for sure!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for doing this. It means a lot to me. It is humbling, amazing and thrilled for me to have the full support from many friends and fans!! 
$1,500 was the estimated conservative amount that I felt I needed to cover the expenses on my trip from Pocatello to Salt Lake City to Dallas on January 14-19, 2020. So now the amount continues to grow past $2,000 - it is just fantastic thing to see.
Like I said before, my fundraising project will continue for the whole month until November 30, 2019. Anyone can continue to make donations if they wanted to.
Can this fundraising project reach $2,500 by November 30? Who knows. But I'm extremely grateful for what's going on.
Once again, here is the list of options to make donations are:
Facebook $: Ricky Taylor or Krona Duncan
Venmo: @ridor9th
Cash App: $ridor9th
See you this evening for another update on this. As always, my fundraising project is going to be transparent for everyone else to see. So hence, you will see the daily updates for the next 14 days.
* Someone asked me if I plan to make vlogs and posts for others to read and watch while I am at Creating Change. Like I said, I remain committed to make my fundraising project transparent for everyone who donated. Because the donations came from you all, the answer is yes!! I have every intention to make vlogs and posts when I'm at Creating Change in Dallas for you all to watch and read!
Once again, thank you very much for the donations. Because of you who donated so much in the last 15 days, we already surpassed the goal and continue to grow with 14 days left to go, let's see how much we can push as far as can be, all for a great cause.

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