Thursday, January 19, 2006

1.19.06 Tidbits

Deaf Man With No Arms? Shoot me dead if I am armless. I do not want to use my feet to sign anything! Even with the fact that my left foot can sign fuck you but c'mon. This lacked the dignity .. I cannot imagine a life without my arms -- I'll die before I ever communicate with anyone else with my legs and ass in the air. Hat tip to Travis.

Another NBC News Tidbit: No, the article is not about me or Jason at all. It is about the deaf students in a school bus, involved with a wreck. Hat tip to PJ.

Remember What Conservatives & Republicans Said?
They claimed that few people died during the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina but guess what? 3,200 is still unaccounted for. No comment from conservative fools? Maybe Mayor Ray Nagin was right when he said that thousands would be dead. After all, where are they?

Since I'm Still on Katrina: Check this out. This is how our magnificent insurance works at its best.

Few Thoughts About Golden Globes Awards: I got an email from Michael Lucas asking me to think a little -- he was right. Ever notice that this year's Golden Globe's big winners are about, by or for gay or transgendered people? Best Director, BestSeries, Musical or Comedy, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Original Song -- no one took the time to demonstrate how they felt about gay issues. No one. Not even one.

Mel Gibson, Shut Up: Mel Gibson sicced the lawyers on this fella who set up the blog to do the parody of Mel Gibson -- hilarious blogsite.

Only Time Will Tell: Osama Bin Laden is at it again. He said that the national security has not really prevented his group from planning to strike on our land. Oy vey. Read what he said in this link.

Superboy Psycho? I got to read Infinite Crisis #4 today and I was shocked to see Superboy Prime going insane as he attacked another Superboy (Conner Kent) and laid waste to Smallville. Who is Superboy Prime? He is a fella whose his "world" ceased to exist after the famous Crisis On Infinite Earths and was forced to live in a paradise, watching the current Earthlings from afar, before the elder Superman broke the barrier and was attempting to craft a new world separate from the current Earth -- Conner refused to acknowledge Superboy Prime as "Superboy", so he went on to attack Conner Kent then he was forced to get the assistance of JSA and Titans to stop the insane Superboy Prime from attacking Conner Kent.

Then in one whim, Superboy Prime killed Pantha by socking his fist into her head so hard that her head was totally decapitated. Just like that. Then Superboy Prime started to sob and said, "Oh, no! I did not mean to do this!"

Then he went on to attack others and ripped two heroes' bodies in half -- it was so chaotic -- so evil -- before two speedsters took Superboy Prime (Psycho?) on a run into the Speed Force as a surprising guests from the Speed Force grabbed the Superboy Prime from behind as Superboy Prime wailed, "You can't get rid of me! When I grow up, I'm going to be Superman!"

The surprising guests pulled Superboy Prime into the Speed Force to prevent his rage from going unchecked -- as much of Smallville was destroyed and many heroes were savagely butchered by Superboy Prime.

It left a lot of questions to wonder -- why is Superboy Prime so angry, so angry enough to rip people into pieces? Anyone want me to scan the pics of Superboy Prime decapitating someone else as well? Lemme know. It is very gruesome art by Phil Jimenez, a fellow I knew for many years -- some of readers knew that I once invited Phil to my floor program as RA at Gallaudet many years ago.

I'm going to email Phil to rant about this shocking issue.



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