Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bode Miller, Tom Kaine & Few Other Things

Virginia Gov. Kaine, like many Virginians, Sucks: It was reported that the gay marriage ban amendment has been approved overwhelmingly by the House of Delegates who seemed to be interested in passing the laws to discriminate than to deal with the transportation and education issues in this state. Now, the anti-gay amendment heads to the Senate for its vote, then Governor Kaine will sign it to make it a referendum for the residents of Virginia to vote. This anti-gay marriage ban amendment is designed to discriminate gays and lesbians from having the contracts with their partners in terms of insurances, wills and benefits.

If Governor Kaine has the balls, he will do the right thing. But do I expect him to do so? No. He does not have the balls. I am encouraged to see that many sensible residents wrote the letters to their editors in Richmond's Times-Dispatch and Staunton's News Leader, blasted their own state legislators for creating a law that continues to hold the progress of Virginia down.

I propose that if this state went ahead with this anti-gay marriage amendment, all pro-gay businesses (deaf and/or hearing alike) across the nation should not come to any conferences or vacations in this state. Virginia does not deserve a cent at all. Boycott this state by any means. Hell, many Xian organizations attempted to cajole many pro-gay businesses, it's time to return the favor. Kick their asses!

Great Article by Bode Miller
: In Newsweek, Bode Miller was interviewed about the general state of Olympics -- which he will ski for 2006 Torino Winter Olympics next month in Italy. Bode Miller is honest person, which made some people uncomfortable. These people that did not like what Bode Miller merely wanted to keep this under the carpet. Bode mentioned that the Olympics ideals are not pure any longer. He is so right, "Look, a lot of the people involved with the U.S. Ski Team—the people that I'm representing—are unbelievable a--holes. Rich, cocky, wicked conceited, super-right-wing Republicans. But because of my morals, my principles, I can't judge them for that. The things they've done for me warrant respect, and I'm trying to pay them back."

You can read more on Bode Miller via here.

Marion Downs Hearing Center ENCOURAGES ASL: I am writing a response to some information provided by one of your readers. The hat tip is attributed to, "Jules". The information provided indicates that the Marion Downs Hearing Center (MDHC) discourages ASL.

This information is incorrect and false. In fact the opposite is true.

The MDHC embraces the use of ASL and respects Deaf Culture. There are no policies that forbid the use of ASL! In fact the MDHC encourages the use of ASL! Also, the MDHC always welcomes anyone to come and visit and learn more about its programs----it is NOT keeping a low profile----it has nothing to hide. Please contact us at for more information!

It is a shame that some people will resort to such low tactics as lying to discredit an organization that hires signing deaf and strives to provide accessible services! Jules or who ever provided this wrong information, please identify yourself! I would be happy to show you around MDHC and to show you how wrong you are.
--Robert Baldwin

Virginia 77, Miami 65: Wonder if Jeff Carlson went to the game? Virginia Cavaliers is now 13-4, 2-3 for the season. Up next is at Boston College in Boston. Ack!

Why Are We Still Having This Group? Our own favorite company whom the Bush Administration pushed for Pentagon to sign with -- Haliburton which absorbed billions of dollars in profits to "serve" the US Armed Forces across the world -- was cited for delivering the contaminated waters to our soldiers. What's up with that? I bet you few dollars that people like McWeenie and others will say that it was another "lie", "fabrication" or so on. It is quite absurd and amusing to see them trying to refute many things in life.

Confidential to Sherry, the Texas' Dumbfuck Fat BORGized Chick: You had been a "yes-sayer" for many years, that's why you got cochlear implants in your head -- you're nobody. Get this -- I am somebody. You ain't. That's why you sided with this loser over there. Whine all you want, nobody can hear you from here, you denegerate piece of trash.



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