Thursday, May 19, 2005

Few Things Before I Zoom

Latter Days -- Good or Bad? Saw "Latter Days", very cute film -- I probably won't rate it as the best gay film. Nah. It proved what I knew all along, the Mormon guys' asses are meaty. Easy on my eyes. Which is why I am enthusiastic about going to Salt Lake City in 2007.

Oh, yeah, I knew that 40 percent of Las Vegas residents are Mormons and they worked in The Strip, not to engage in gambling but because many businesses trusted them to handle money. So you can see why I am looking forward about going to Las Vegas on June 12 to 16. Oh, yeah, I'm going to stay at a hotel that is about few blocks away from Apollo Spa. Can't wait for that stuff to VEE-VEE, oh -- we'll be in that place on Tuesday night.

Then I get to google these Mormon guys then again in 2007 in Salt Lake City.

Loved one fag hag's line -- the one that defBef probably will utter anyday if she wanted to: Alcohol and homsexuality? I can't imagine going to Heaven without these two.

Episode III! Oh, yeah, Gus and I am going to dine at Ruby Tuesday then stroll down to a movie theater with rearview windows to see the Revenge of Sith!

No, I won't dress as anyone in the film -- Gus and I will probably try to take pics of us via his SKII. Hope the Episode III is going to be great one of prequel films. I still think the Return of Jedi is the best. I absolutely HATED the Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I thought it was nuts. Name the planet where the Cloud City is -- you won't. Because according to some Star Wars fans, Lucas never named the planet, though.

Otherwise, should I report the spoilers or just a review about the movie? Let me know so I can decide!

May the Force be with you.


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