Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pat Tillman Was Murdered

Remember Pat Tillman? The professional football player who decided to leave his professional football team in order to sign up with the Army Rangers to serve and protect the United States after the 9/11 Attacks.

To serve and protect was his goal, sounds very heroic, is it? Not after he was murdered by his own peers. Actually, it was a case of friendly fire which his Army rangers shot him down by mistake in Afghanistan.

Of course, accidents do happen. But to cover the accident, and to order the soldiers to keep quiet and to paint Pat as a hero and all that fanfare constitued as a murder to an extent.

I mean, when the Tillmans found out much later that Pat was gunned down by his own peers, do you really think they are cool with it? It is like another shot in their hearts -- in other words, it is another murder as well.

This is one of many lies that the United States Armed Forces are proud of. Keep on lying and covering the truth, it makes you look bad -- it makes this country embarassed to have a group of barbaric folks who cannot amount to function on their own without someone telling them what to do.

When the Army expressed its "heartfelt sorrow" for lying, I ran to the bathroom to unload massive of wet diarrhea. So much for Sempfer Fi crap.


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