Saturday, May 07, 2005

Watching The Local News

Today, I get to watch NBC 10 Channel here in Philadelphia. I was amused with three stories.

Another Police Brutality -- Yawn! Two days ago, there was a video footage of police brutality. What the Police Officers did was wrong. They claimed that it happened because the suspect made a racist slur and spat at the officer. My take on this? Bull-shit. I doubt the suspect did a thing like this. You can see the stunned suspect being whacked by the police officer. It is difficult to tell who is white, hispanic or black -- but it appears that everyone else is white. Enjoy the controversy -- as always, the Police Department is trying to lie its way out.

The Most Dumb Kid In The World: This kid decided to break up with his girlfriend. His girlfriend got pissed at what he said about her to others in a local high school -- his girlfriend had a copy of nude picture of ex-boyfriend. She copied 300 papers and distributed it in the high school -- that boy felt violated by that and he even went on to say that the lesson he learned not to trust anyone else with the nude pics even with his girlfriend. Yes, you got it right. He's back with her. What a dumbfuck.

Can Tom do this, Perlis? This is champ. I want a cat like this one. This is one smart cat. I is the VEE-VEE!

Remember the underpass thing that many people saw the Virgin Mary? Someone defaced the Virgin Mary. Some folks wept at that fact -- paint the mofo wall already!

Ahh, that is pretty much to report in Philadelphia. God. Even the in Philadelphia is kinda DEAD! :-(


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