Saturday, May 28, 2005

Third Day

Ahh. I'm still crippled. If you saw me limping around the town, that is me. I personally suspected that I may have a minor ligament tear in my left knee. The reason why I suspected is because it kept on happening again and again.

Last night was relatively quiet night for all of us because we were largely exhausted from the fiasco on Thursday night. So we took it easy on ourselves and my dying knee.

Right now, Toby, Mikey, Wittig, Marby and I am staring at something in a bedroom right across from Toby's bedroom which is on 2nd floor. We are staring at a guy jerking off to the porn tape. The window is about 10 feet away from Toby's bedroom. All of us are enjoying the voyeurism. In fact, others are still upstairs watching the guy doing his nature's wonders.

The picture is grainy and bit dark -- but you can get the idea.

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Stroke It, Baby!

Of course, Wittig wrote this on Toby's fridge two days ago, of course I responded.

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