Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Good bye, John Bolton!

As liberal, I am very open about my sex life because I have nothing to hide. I think engaging in a group sex is OK as long as it is consent by the peers involved. It is not my thing, though.

Conservatives claimed to abhor it. Bush advocated the abstinence programs over safe sex programs. Republicans, X-ians and Conservatives brutally attacked Bill Clinton when he played with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. It is private between Clinton and Lewinsky, not the world's, right? No, the Republicans said that the public has the right to know since Clinton is the public figure!

X-ians, Conservatives and Republicans clamored for laws against gays, against people of their privacy rights. If they wanted to play this game, the Liberals exposed Jeff Gannon, himself a conservative Republican reporter for being an escort. The Liberals exposed Spokane's Mayor James West (himself a conservative Republican who is also anti-gay) for chasing little boys.

And this time, Larry Flynt, the owner of Hustler's Magazine whose won the case against Jerry Falwell in the United States Supreme Court related to the freedom of press versus indecency, announced today that he has evidences that John Bolton, the appointee to the United Nations as the US Ambassador, forced his first ex-wife to engage in group sex activities in New York's Plato's Retreat during the 1970s and 1980s. John's ex-wife divorced him because she was not comfortable with Bolton's pressures to engage in group sex.

John wants to be the representative of this country for the United Nations. Many people complained that John was abrasive, mean and confrontational person if things do not go his way. Bush wanted the kind of person to berate the others in the United Nations in order to follow the US's wishes, not by compromises.

If John Bolton wants to be the US Ambassador for the United Nations, he becomes the public figure -- which means what? We have the right to know what is going on in his life, his past and his sexual activities, like it or not!

After all, that is what many others did to Bill Clinton.

People who lives in glass house should not throw stones at others. When will you learn this lesson, my dear dirty Conservatives, filthy Republicans and wacko Xians?

Why is that the ultra-conservative pricks, sickening Republicans and lying X-ians have the right to attack others of immoral charges but they can engage in these activities? Is it OK for them practice but not OK for anyone else to do the same?

Many liberals clamored for the personal freedom -- which means the freedom to have a personal choice, the right to privacy -- the Conservatives does not want that for others to have the personal choice nor the right to privacy. They wanted it for themselves but not for others. It has been like that for years, time for that illusion is over.

Larry Flynt rules!


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