Monday, May 23, 2005

Few Things To Observe As Usual

Angels in America Rocks: I am watching Angels in America. Am done with Chapter 1, loved the wife who shot the Mormon husband with the line, "This is Utah talk!" when the husband claimed that homosexuality does not exist in Mormon faith.

I just completed the Part 1 of Angels in America, wow. Loved the dialogues between Prior Walters and his ancestors -- crazy! Al Pacino acted as Roy Cohn was brilliant. And I love the apperance of Ethel Rosenberg when Roy Cohn was lying on the floor, Ethel Roseberg smirked and said, "Julius sends his regards." Ethel was portrayed none other than Meryl Streep. I'm looking forward to the next disc.

Who Thinks Nick Lachey Is Sincere?
I hate Nick Lachey. His smirk indicated that he cheated on Jessica Simpson because she is a buffoon to start with. He's walking around with a grin, knowing that he is getting away with it. I hate men like that.

Mrs. Retarded Bush: Laura Bush is one stupid woman. Going to Jerusalem to promote the "positive attitudes" about the American Government that we are "sincere" about freedom is making her look like a fool. That is why she was heckled in Jerusalem by both sides.

Evangelical Christians Are Not Friends of Jews: Did you know that there are many Evangelical Christians who are "supportive" of Jews, mainly because they believed that the Bible said if 3/4 of Jews are back in Israel, the end of the world will happen and Jesus Christ will descend to rescue the planet from bligthing itself into the oblivion. That's why many churches are encouraging to donate $ and help the Jews to go "home" so that they can rush the Age of Apocalypse.

Are they "real" friends of Jews? No, they are not. They are doing it for their own interests. That's why they are nuts. Crazed people just like the Islamic Extremists.

Can You Find Needles? In Needles, California -- find it if you can -- it is not even the summertime -- it is 112 (f) degrees as of May 23, 2005. Needles may be the only town in the United States that permitted the motels, hotels to open the swimming pools after midnight. I love swimming in a pool with the full moon roaming the Californian desert. Absolutely peaceful. During the daytime, try to put your hand on the black tar on the road. It feels soft, or so I thought.

About Viagra: Why is Viagra covered by Medicaid? Erectile dysfunction is not a danger to the health -- maybe psychological stuff but not health-wise. Again, the Medicaid industry is dominated by men, what do you expect?


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