Monday, May 23, 2005

Few Words by Great Surdus about RAD

Earlier in the day, Surdus immed me about few things. He was clearly annoyed with the arrogance of RAD Board and 2005 RAD Committee, he mentioned:
I think you should also say that the metro closing means people will have to take taxis all the time and this is a "hidden expense" for an already expensive operation which RAD conference is... and there are lots of other hidden expenses going on here for poor desperate deaf fags

plus, their big excuse for increase in cost was adding one more meal? how much is one more meal please? it costs me $5 to get a nice meal in NYC

My exact sentiments. I even mentioned that when I pressed the questions, they would try to question why I did not volunteer -- that was not the whole point. Surdus chortled and said something -- I was not sure if he was reading my mind.
only volunteers can ask questions! these bastards learned something from the republicans! i will be fair and let them add cost of labor etc. on to the room but even so - that just proves your point - the hotel is too fucking expensive! we come to fuck each other not fuck the scenery! and, yeah, make sure to add that.

The problem is that the RAD folks divorced themselves from the reality of others, like it or not.

Oh, by the way, check out the great picthre that Surdus made for me at the bottom of this blogsite -- this is as way to inform the world that this blog belonged to me. This is awesome picture. I'm duly impressed by his artistic skills. Thanks for the great job on this! I aboslutely loved this!

Shame on RAD, Cheers to Surdus!


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