Monday, May 16, 2005

Truer Words Were Rarely Spoken

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes for I have something to share about Kurzetard -- life is so bliss when you act like she does not exist at all. Simply delete the link. Ignore her comments. Do not respond to her antics. She just needed attention. From there, she will wither. Anyway, here is the message!


* * *

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that someone finally tells that crazy bitch how she really is. She has "slandered" many people in her day. She preaches this self-richus talk about how she can't stand gay people but then turns around and is the first to tell you how many women have hit on her, in her crazy unrealistic rendition of her past.

She also talks about how lucky she is to be alive after her "carbon monoxide" issue. Her husband was wasted and left the car running. Hello.

She tried to say that I Carrie Cameron "sexually harassed" her at Arthur. Are you serious? Have you seen her? Have you seen me? There is no way I would ever "harass" her, or anyone for that matter. If I was going to turn lesbo, it sure would not be for Amy Kurz. Also I do recall a day that she brought pictures of herself before her breast reduction and after. Forcing me to look at her in a bathing suit is punishment enough, let alone accuse me of harassing her.

I have spoken to a large number of the deaf community and everyone loved the day she left CR. There should be a party every year on this day. She has burned many bridges with a lot of people here in CR. Thank heavens she went somewhere else.

You do have to pity her though. She sits day after day in front of the computer on her little blog, writing her thoughts, misspelling words, making fun of others and the way THEY are illiterate and slandering whoever makes her mad that day. While the world passes her by. If I were a this bitter of a person I would take a long look at my life. In the end all you leave behind is an imprint of your life. I hope mine is nothing like hers.

Carrianne Cameron
Arthur Elementar

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