Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Marb(t)y Bonales Is Nuts

It is safe to say that I was never embarrassed nor horrified of nearly anything else until I saw the antics of Marb(t)y Bonales, a deaf gay guy from Louisville, Kenfucky. Originally, I heard horror stories about Marb(t)y getting into wild altercations with others, deaf or hearing, at different places.

Basically, the whole thing started at about 6 PM when a friend objected to the way my friends and I treated his ex by not inviting him to go out with us -- actually, why should we?

Then the battle of comments heated over the pagers back and forth until about 12:45 AM where three of us met Marb(t)y and Mikey at The Fireplace's. I was horrified that Marb(t)y screamed at the top of his lungs in the bar, then he shoved me against the wall. He attempted to kick my left knee which was recuperating from the injury. He was screaming like an animal.

I told him to calm down and that he was making a scene. He became crazy. He nearly slapped me when he tried to say, "DEAF CULTURE -- THAT MY LIFE -- NOT YOUR BUSINESS!!" When he said the last sign (business), he outwardly signed it to my face, nearly slapped me. I backed off.

Marb(t)y, it is not Deaf Culture. It is called immature, childish, stupid, boorish and animal behavior of yours!

At this point, I decided not to get closer to his wild animalistic behaviors on the other end of the bar. The bartender, Jerry, wrote on a note to tell me that I made a smart move by keeping myself distant from Marb(t)y. Jerry also wrote down, "This guy screamed like the donkey from Hee-Haw." He was referring to the old sitcom in 1980s. IN other words, Marb(t)y was depicted as animal by a hearing person. That's how bad it was.

Marb(t)y was out of control to a point where an hour later, I witnessed him getting in a scuffle with the cops and was subsequently arrested along with another friend of mine. Yes, you heard this. Apparently, my friend was trying to drop Marb(t)y off at the corner of the street so that they can walk to the apartment which is not far away, in fact, you can see it over there. Marb(t)y got hysterical and [probably screamed at the top of his lungs in the suburban neighborhoods] and refused to get out of the car -- the commotion in the middle of nighttime brought the cops to the scene.

I was not in this car. I rode in another automobile that came to pass the corner where the cops busted everyone else in the car. Enough said, I was horrified by the whole thing. Then Marb(t)y decided to take things in his own hands by being confrontational with the cops -- he was quickly subdued and arrested.

Basically, Marb(t)y asked for it. Marb(t)y thought he's above this -- apparently, Marb(t)y assumed that he has the right to scream at the top of his lungs to anyone else, to physically assault people by shoving and signing so close that the signs itself becomes a weapon to hurl on someone's faces ... all in all, it was a crime by itself.

Basically, by getting arrested, Marb(t)y asked for it. Marb(t)y is not a guy that I would befriend by anything else. His behavior is not acceptable in any cultures, and it was certainly not surprising that he got arrested but ... for him to do such a thing to my friend who also got arrested was despicable.

After that, I left for Philadelphia. I need a positive dose of something else. Lo Behold, there is an article in Gallaudet Today about my friend, Thuan Nguyen. This gal rocks. Not Marb(t)y. Hope he'll get some therapy or two.


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