Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ridor In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (RPI) -- I am at the Internet Cafe for an hour. Chris and I got to scourge The Strip. The flight to Los Angeles was smooth, but the flight to Las Vegas was choppy -- I swear something was going to happen. But nothing happened.

When we were waiting for the taxi outside of the airport, I was shocked to see the massive long line of folks waiting for taxis. It has the same path that you used to see it at the amusement parks waiting to get on the ride -- the same idea applies to the wait for the cabs, I'm telling you -- it is the longest path I ever had seen, maybe up to .5 mile long, just to hail a fucking cab.

Las Vegas Hilton is the place where I am staying. I am amazed at the size of the hotel. I have the best view of Las Vegas Strip. It is stunning! Dylan Westbury would probably drop his pants on the floor and wank his dick walking around the Star Trek area -- Las Vegas Hilton does not conform to Star Trek stuff only. Star Trek dominated on one wing, has lots of interesting stuff that Dylan probably will drool, cum and repeat the process. Maybe 6 or 10 times until his dick becomes red and bloody.

In the last two days, we had been to a lot of places -- Fremont Street Experience, Monorail, MGM Grand Hotel, Tropicana, Excalibur, New York New York, Luxor, Wynn to name few. Monorail may be the best thing that happened to Las Vegas in years. It is so convenient and nice! But they needed to extend the line to Downtown where the original Strip is. It is bit travesty that they do not include Downtown.

Next time, Chris and I agreed that we will stay at Wynn Hotel. If it is cheap. In fact, Wynn is the most classiest hotel of all. The entrance of The Wynn is overwhelming, intoxicating and sinful. Guaranteed to make you step back and say whoa at the sight of these massive flowers that embraced the trees. Very difficult to describe the area.

Chris gambled a lot. Won thousands of dollars, I'm completely jealous of him. He is teaching me how to play Blackjacks. He's good at it. He's a great company, man. Yes, he is hearing. Much to your chagrin, I'm enjoying this so much! I won like $75 two days ago but yesterday, I lost like $25. Fuck it. I'm not good with it.

Tonight, Chris and I am going to dine at a fancy restaurant then head out to see KA, the newest play of Cirque Du Soleil at MGM Grand. Upon seeing the reviews, it is stunning and lots of acrobatic moves. Looking forward to it.

I am in awe of Chris' skills and luck with gambling. He is obviously a genius.

Did you know that I wore Dartmouth t-shirt, nobody said hi. But when I wore the Gallaudet t-shirt, people came to me. One said that his mother graduated from Gallaudet. One came to me and said that she graduated from Gallaudet, a hearing gal who studied in Interpreting at Gallaudet. Her signs are ... bad, to say the least. But I was nice and polite. I just put on a fake smile.

I taught Chris some signs to retaliate people who annoys us to no end. Last night, we went to Gipsy, a local gay club. It is a major letdown in comparison with New York and Philadelphia. One stupid guy told Chris, "You are stupid but I want you."

I snapped that he graduated from Ivy League and what about him? The guy in his late 40s said, "My Daddy died and left me rich. I don't care if he goes to a school in Ivy, he is still stupid and I still want him."

Chris and I got annoyed so bad that we made fun of him eventually all night long ... in a discrete manner which we snickered behind his back.

It was interesting evening at Gipsy -- I'm down to 5 minutes left. Time to hit the pool and SPA before the showtime tonight! Yay.

Oh, I got a nasty email from Michael Demmons who said that I will not enjoy Las Vegas because it is for hearing people only. I told him that Las Vegas was designed for visual attractions, not sound attractions -- if it was designed for sound attractions, there won't be lights at all, right?! Idiotic, is he? Any thoughts on the subject?


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