Friday, June 03, 2005

The Late Katharine Graham

In the last week, I'm sure that you heard so much about the identity of "Deep Throat" that unravels the truths which led to White House and forced President Nixon to resign and landed some Republican thugs in the prison.

It was W. Mark Felt, the No. 2 official of FBI, who was the source of "Deep Throat" that Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward used to break the story in The Washington Post. Bob and Carl acknowledged that this would not be possible if not for the complete support and insistence by ... Katharine Graham, the Publisher of The Washington Post.

Katharine Graham died in 2001 after a fall in Sun Valley, Idaho and was greatly missed by many in Washington. Graham was considered to be the most feared woman in DC area and one of the most powerful women in the nation. She was the pillar of liberal establishment for The Washington Post.

Initially, her father owned The Washington Post and in the process, Katharine's husband, Philip Graham took her father's place as the publisher but he committed suicide. Suddenly, the job fell on Katharine's lap. Katharine did not mess it up, she took it to learn on her own and managed to make The Washington Post one of the nation's most respected papers.

Katharine Graham was thrusted into the national spotlight after she supported The Washington Post to publish the "Pentagon Papers" and the Watergate Scandal to ensure that the political figures should watch their backs if they meddle with the corruptions.

Deaf President Now Movement at Gallaudet would not be possible if not for The Washington Post's extensive coverage on a daily basis, pushed the information to go out across the nation, thus forced the Board of Trustees to backpedal and correct the mistakes as deserved -- who approved this? Katharine Graham.

My father once worked at The Washington Post as linotypist and he spoke of his good times because The Washington Post hired many, many, many and many Deaf persons to work for them. Obviously, someone above knew that Deaf people can do it. Today, my father still enjoyed the camaraderie with people who once worked at The Post. Back then, many Gallaudet students worked at The Post as part-time to support themselves in school. The Post made it possible for them. The Washington Times owned by Rev. Moon who is Republican, Xian and conservative prick? They do not hire Deaf people.

Katharine Graham was involved with Gallaudet University -- in fact, it was she who donated $1 million to the Student Academic Center in 1999, this was the largest single donation to the University by a living person. Even after her death, it did not stop her from making extra donations to the University with her will. She was the honorary chair of the Board of Associates at Gallaudet's Developmental Office until her death.

When I heard of her untimely death in Sun Valley, Idaho -- I was little sad for her. She was hearing person, of course. But she viewed Deaf people as people first, not disabled. It was certainly not surprising that the ABC News chose the late Katharine Graham as the Person of the Week.

I have an enormous respect for Kay. Even she has passed away for the last 4 years, but her ramifications in the Washington circles still can be felt by many. Not to mention that she was the first woman to lead the Fortune 500 company. That is remarkable feat in 70s, my friends.

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