Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ridor In NYC

NEW YORK (RPI*) -- I got here two hours LATE. Know why? I made a mistake, throwing the fucking paper that contains Chris' address on the way to New York via New Jersey Transit.

It is good to be back in Park Slope!

Thank God for the Internet Cafe. Man, Chris looked gorgeous. Shane is, too. But guess what? They still do not have a fucking television in the apartment.

But no worries, we are off to a bar tonight. Then rest, then onward to Las Vegas! If I see an available internet in Las Vegas somehow, I'll blog. But otherwise, stay tuned for fun times and updates.

Confidential to McCock: Again, just to clarify something: Cussing words does not reflect on two BAs degrees. I can manage it on my own. It is none of your business whether I cuss or not. Go and fuck a sheep, please.


*RPI stands for Ridor Press International.

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