Saturday, June 18, 2005

The KA

Last night, the internet connection at home was spotty at its best. I could not blog anything else. But today, the connection is running smoothly. Hopefully, I could go on and ramble about many things that I observed but chose not to interfere the whole week in Las Vegas.

But let's focus on The KA since it did not impress Chris (it was his third Cirque Du Soleil experience after "La Nuba" and "Zumanity") and certainly impressed me (since it was my first Cirque Du Soleil experience) from the start to the finish.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI learned that we had the seats up front by 2nd row for $150 each on Tuesday evening. So after dining at a luxury restaurant which practically killed my budget, I was bit desperate for an excitement. Chris said that the Cirque Du Soleil should do the trick. We got to walk around MGM Grand Hotel, it is the city unto itself in one massive building. It has hotel, attractions, casinos, restaurants, stores, plays and nightclubs to name few.

When it was time for us to attend to our seats, the ushers were bit odd to observe. It appeared that they are playing the roles of some characters. Where I sat, our usher reminded us that we are NOT allowed to touch the stage, stand or lean over the stage. Then I saw the explosions from under the stage. Under the stage? I stood a little to peek at the stage. Sure enough, the stage itself is bottomless.

After all, it is Cirque Du Soleil where stranger things do happen. Shortly, one extremely attractive man with smooth but long blue hair to his waist gracefully walked around the stage -- it appears that he was trying to say something but someone flashed the camera at him. He smiled calmly then pointed to the spectator in the audience to come forward. The spectator did. He took his camera and tossed it over the stage into the bottomless where it exploded. Then the spectator's cellphone rang, the actor slowly pointed at his cellphone. The spectator hesitated before passing the cellphone to the actor. The actor tossed it into the bottomless pit where it also exploded. I immediately knew that the spectator is merely the actor as well! Soon enough, he tried to light his cigarette -- suffice to say, the taller actor with smooth, but long blue hair toseed him into the bottomless pit where it exploded wildly -- the message was: "No camera, cellphone and smoking allowed."

None of this was done with the voice. They demonstrated by acting. The whole play itself was fantastic -- lots of acrobatic moves that stunned and delighted me ... its out of world moves as well as interchanged with the machines that moved around the stage is quite unbelievable but worth the price to see -- I sat in the center of 2nd row -- sometimes they flew off the stage right above my head. It was fantastic.

It is a tale about two rival clans in some Asian country where they struggled to battle each other to save someone else but ended up saving each clans in the progress.

Needless to say that I had a mini-crush on this lean, tall actor with long, smooth blue hair -- he was quite vicious and hot! As I say, there are some sounds effects, especially when it comes to songs but throughout the plays, no words were uttered. They expressed the story by acting out the gestures -- it is obvious and easy to follow through. I grinned, smiled and stared in awe as Chris kept on staring with dead eyes.

Since it's his third one and he said that it's not the best one he ever had seen.

To me, I was pretty blown away. I really enjoyed it very much. Despite the fact that it is quite expensive, it is worth the price to see it with my own eyes.

Thanks, Chris.


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