Thursday, June 09, 2005

Grateful Is Not Something I Usually Talk About

Note: The names are not real, because I want to protect them at all costs.

Yesterday at 3 PM, I was greeted by Steve outside of my place. I met Chris via online chat room and I mentioned about Chris & Steve few days ago on this entry to check out the possibility of participating in menage a trois. Of course, I was bit concerned about the menage a trois since the last time in New York ended up badly for me.

Went to their place which intimidated and impressed me greatly, particularly because it is luxury apartment, sort of. It was gorgeous place, not far from where I lived. I finally met Chris. God, Chris looked much cuter than the pictures he sent. We talked a little, I get to know the couple bit more. They were absolutely great and impressive. Shortly, Chris and I swam. I get to talk with Chris -- I'm glad to meet him, I do. Oh, yeah, both are hearing and cannot sign worth a shit. But that is not the issue here.

I was blown away when we convened back in the apartment for dinner, Steve cooked his home-made chicken pot pie for three of us -- know why I was blown away? Steve made the crust lining up with our names on each bowl! I feel like it was the cake that you cannot eat. My own name on my chicken pot pie!! Fantastic!

I kept on staring at Chris' eyes -- it was intense. He had a soft and thin beard. He reminded me of someone but I could not figure out who it was. I told him about it. He told me that I looked like Greg Kinnear (!!) and that I looked much better than Greg. Now I really like Chris's optimism. It is not overtly optimism but soft one.

Back and forth, we talked, dined and wined. Then Chris wrote on the paperpad for Steve which made me smile gleefully, it reads: "Daddy, Can we keep him?"

Such compliments are sweet and touching.

You bet that Chris, Steve and I will meet again soon to hang out ... as soon as I return from Las Vegas or Toronto. I really liked them very much. Oh, yeah, menage a trois did occur. It was such a positive experience. For that, I am grateful of Chris & Steve.

Later, studying Chris's face, it struck me ... I know who he looked like -- Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi! I told him, he smiled gleefully and said, "Not me! Wow, me? Not me! I don't look like him!" I nodded vigorously.

It was such a good experience. Thank you, Chris & Steve.



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