Friday, June 03, 2005

Pancake & Bacon for Dinner?

Yep. It is rainy in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia. I was hungry. I was in mood to eat breakfast for dinner. Going out is not feasible for me since it is raining. So off to the kitchen, I cooked pancakes and bacon. Delicious! Who cares if someone thinks I'm so FOW.

There are two cool sites that I enjoyed reading last night. They are ... Ptown Without Pity: All The News Unfit To Print!!. If you see "Gay Republican", it is about Andrew Sullivan. Andrew lives in Provincetown and it seemed that he is not well-liked in that town. Is that ever surprising? Andrew is the kind of person that would sling and offend others but hides behind his boyfriend's back when he's out in the public, eh? And I'm dying curious about Amish Tina Whore. The comments are intriguing and funny at its best.

I also stumbled upon a PhillyGayBlogger in some chat room, checked it out and enjoyed it immensely. It is not work safe. But have fun cruising the Spork site. I am going to link them both.

It is Friday, I'm not going out tonight. Actually, I'm going across the street to get the ice cream from Baskins & Robbins then stay home to recuperate with this fucking old knee of mine.

If you're bored and wanted to videophone me, it is at your own risk -- email me for the number and I'll give and feel free to videophone me.



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