Thursday, June 30, 2005

6.28.05 Tidbits

What Noble Agenda! Our brave soldiers detained children from Afghanistan and Iraq for many months without pressing a charge. And in the process tortured children as well. What a noble act of American soldiers.

ABC Is Coward! There was supposed to be a reality show called "The Neighborhood" where the producers went to Austin to follow three families, who are white and conservatives, who gets to pick a family to move in their neighborhood -- they had to choose not another white, conservative family -- they had to choose families that are African Americans, Hispanci and Asian, two gay white men who adopted a black child, a couple covered in tattoos and piercings, a couple who met at the woman's initiation as a witch and last, a poor white trailer trash family. This was a way to expose the real feelings of racism and prejudice amongst the conservative families. Family Research Council cried because they knew that this program will rip their concept of racist foundations apart to a point where the ABC decided to pull it off.

This would prove that I was right all along -- that Conservatives are racists, Xenophobic and homophobic by all means.

ABC News Reported That Fake Applause Occurred: During the Bush's Address, ABC News' Terry Moran reported that the fake applause occurred when his White House advance team started to clap on their own in an attempt to bait the US soldiers to applaud when Bush paused. It just confirmed what I believed all along. White House is filled with phony people trying to manipulate the mass that they are doing good job. They are not.

Get this? The picture on your left is merely the concept of what I do to people that disparaged me, my friends and innocent persons. When people made an indirect or direct threat on me and my sanity, I shall regroup and figure out a way ... then in the end, I shall do this to you, figuratively speaking if you do not get the drift.

It is amusing that there are people out there who are devoted to smear me of my integrity and reputation (like I have some!) in person or online. Do they have their own life? I guess not. I do not sugarcoat things. I say as it is. If you do not like it at all, click on the "X" on the top of your right corner. Simply put.

Why worry about me? Dale Patterson claimed on another thread, "I'll be in your neck of the woods for a few days in December. I know where you live and what you look like." (Woods? Can a fatso tubbo weave through the heavy forest? I digress.)

My response: Hey Dale, I'm talking to you -- you fatso tubbo -- your threats are cheap, fatso. I can feel the yellow line up my spine, being scared of your threats. Not! May I make a suggestion? Get off the internet, get a job to support your so-called trailer trash family of yours (last time I heard, you stayed at home while your wife has to work to support your fat ass!) instead of making threats on me -- I heard that you called the Homeland Security on me -- oooh, I'm so scared.

Off To The District! Tomorrow, I'll stray off to the District to visit few people -- Imel, the Newmans and Merritt's Housewarming Party. Yep, I'm going up to Frederick, MD to hang out with Todd all day long. It is past overdue. Cannot wait to see him, Dyan, Tayla and the Mighty Thor. Not to mention that I will get to see Todd's sister for the first time in years.

Travelling Too Much? It was not charted nor planned this way. I got to travel to DC, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, then DC twice in July. Then I might head up to Gibson, Penn for Hillside Campground -- then to Rehoboth Beach in the first weekend of August. I might head to Fire Island in August if I am up to it. I will return to New York for the weekend.

I am working on a plan to visit Roz & Chrysty in Austin in September. At the same time, it'd be cool to meet the infamous Netrox. I also wanted to fly westward to Phoenix to check on Zoe, Jon and Chlms as well as seeing VeeVee and Deaf258 ... perhaps in October or November.

And Chris just asked me if I'm in mood to go with him to ... Montreal, Quebec maybe in August? Of course, I'm interested! And one more thing ... I want to head down to New Orleans for Southern Decadence -- I heard the horror stories about it and want to verify this for myself for once and for all.

The Summer of 2005 may be the busiest one ever for me.



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