Monday, June 27, 2005

The Weekend In Toronto!

Ahh, just got home from the long road trip from Toronto. Few things to say about things in Canada.

Famous Last Words: Many Canadians whined to me at Gallaudet during my college years that things are "better" in Canada than the United States. Famous last words. How come I saw more bums in Toronto than in New York? And my, they are so aggressive at that! When I tried to pry my way out of being asked for the money by indicating that I'm Deaf and for them to get lost, they went a step ahead to make gestures in order to communicate with me ... SEVERAL TIMES! Even when I attempted to walk around 'em, they move to block me. That was too freaky.

Is Alcoholic Beverages Better In Canada? No. In fact, nearly all bars that I went has some kind of equipment that measured the volume of Alcohol -- they limited it to 1 oz per cup which is totally bullshit, to say the least, it was awful drinks -- you'd have to buy 20 drinks in order to get drunk! So fuck it -- I went to the LCBO store where I saw a long line of folks trying to buy Alcoholic beverages so taht they can smuggle it into the bars without paying anything at the bar. It was travesty, really. NYC is still the place to drink. If you smile, say something nice to the bartender, the bartender in New York would give you 75% of Alcohol vs. 25% of juice -- enough to knock you out for few hours. Better than 1 fucking ounce, very disappointing considering the fact that many Canadians whined to me that Alcohol is "better" in Canada. It is urban legend, my friends.

CN Tower Looks Like ... The CN Tower is so overrated. $24.95 just to get up to the observation deck? Yeah, like I would pay for it! If you observe at the CN Tower, you'll notice that it looks like the blood clot in some nervous system.

Studmuffin Adrian! But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay in Toronto. It was good to see Adrian and meet new faces and old faces. It was good to see some familiar faces in the town as well. I had plenty of laughs with folks over there. And it was absolutely nice to spend some quality time with Adrian, especially with the last night.

What To Do With Muslims? You know, what made me smile about Toronto's liberal attitude towards gays are that they are compassionate when they wanted to. So much hatred is being generated upon the Muslims by the conservative pricks and lunatic Xians (Need a good example? One needs to look no further than McWeenie and Kurzetard's entries where they ranted against Islam) in this country, it was refreshing to see a gay group setting up a booth in Toronto Gay Pride Festival trying to educate people how to WORK WITH and EDUCATE the Islamic governments to change their laws on gays and women's rights, instead of alienating and berating them. The keyword: WORK WITH THEM TO CHANGE THE LAWS. The group at Toronto Gay Pride nailed it right. Bomb or condemn their beliefs do not work, work within to change their beliefs in order to correct the laws! They distributed the information how to work with Iran and try to educate the Iranians to resist the government's demands.

Say Yes, Canada! I also saw one girl walking with a t-shirt that reads: "The Fruits of Labour Party Is Being Harvested" -- it referred to the Labour Party's push to legalize the same-sex marriage in Canada this coming week, making it one of fewest countries in the world to permit the gay marriages. Way to go, Maple Leafs. AT the press time, the Conservatives in Canada acknowledged that it will be impossible to prevent the passage of Same-Sex Marriage because the polls has acknowledged that Canadians (Or should I say ... Her Subjects?) embraced the same sex marriage.

New Rainbow Rubber Band AS you can see the picture above, Merritt and I stood next to each other in Niagara Falls to show the colorful rubber band. One of these rubber bands fads ... everyone seems to have it in Toronto, I had to get one for myself. And it was so nice to get one, just to follow the trends of others. As usual, when nobody is wearing, I'll toss it in some souvenir boxes.

Was That Arquette? At Woody's Bar, I was certain that the brother of David Arquette was hanging out in the bar few feet away from us. I just need to find the pictures to make sure that it was him. He was all over a girl in a gay bar. Jesus Christ.

Me So Powerful! LOL LOL! During the long line to get in Woody's, a popular gay bar on Church Street, I was annoyed when two fucking hearies cut in the line right before me and my friends. They attempted to "befriend" someone else and joined them. I was furious because the line itself was more than 30 minutes of wait. I made it clear that they have to get out, or at least let me and my friends get in the bar first before them. They shrugged off at me and laughed when I attempted to communicate with them. Laugh at me? Try that, honey. I notified the bouncer about them cutting in. The bouncer was displeased with these two and banned them from getting in the bar. Two guys were stunned and angrily looked at me as I smirked all the way into the bar. This is what people will get when they offend or annoy the Empress!

This One Was Champ! On the last night of Gay Pride Week, I was cruising the Church Street from Woody's patio where the Queer As Folk productions often took place. I saw an instance that I could not believe it at all. In fact, I was stunned when this guy did that! One not-so-great looking guy stopped a gay couple who is more of "preppy, twink bois" and asked them if they could pose for him to take the picture. This one not-so-great looking guy then took the picture in gestures then walked away. Get this? There was no camera at all. This guy was pretending to take picture of this gay couple with *no* camera! The gay couple was bewildered and confused, I could not believe it at all. It was hysterical.

Norm & Adrian's Patio: They lived on 20th floor and contains the best view of Toronto Skyline. When I arrived at their home for a mini-party, I was impressed with the spectacular view -- as soon as the pics gets in my inbox, I shall deliver the impressive views of Toronto skyline from Norm's pad -- thanks for inviting me on a short notice, Norm! Sure enough, David, Danny, Larry, Norm, Jason, Adrian and I had plenty of laughs all night long talking about our experiences in dealing with hearing people in delicate situations at different places. It was great. I was heavily buzzed.

ORAD Did Very Well: ORAD sold lots of stuff -- made lots of profits. A friend quickly told me that the CMRA would not caught dead in selling anything else to make profits, I agreed. If you're curious about ORAD, you can check this at Ontario Rainbow Association for the Deaf. Adrian, Jock and few others did great job. I was impressed with the whole thing.

Cannibalism? I was hungry and there was KFC across the street. I thought, why not? So I went over there to purchase something to eat. When I was eating the leg of chicken to the bone, I tossed it on the floor, curious to see what happened next. The pigeons landed to eat it as well. One wonder whether if it is an act of cannibalism?

How Much Did The Strippers Make? Yes, there is a strip joint for men in Toronto named Remington's. It is conveniently located right across the street from the hotel where I stayed on Yonge Street. Jason and I observed the whole premise and Jason was quicker to observe something interesting -- he tapped me and said, "Notice that when the folks tipped the strippers with bills, they were paying him $5 or above!" You see, there is no $1 bills in Canada.

Drama? Not Really It was quite an experience to hang out with Merritt, Manny, Phil, Paul and Jason in a hotel room for 4 nights (Jason stayed for two nights, Paul 3, though!) the whole weekend -- I enjoyed my time in Toronto. The Yonge Street is a place to hang out, friends. I think it is one of coolest neighborhoods to venture out at 4 or at 6 AM.

Furries! In Toronto Eagle, Jason and I was mesmerized to observe two guys who acted out as a feline! He has this massive furry tail and gloves -- his "Master" ordered him to sniff people's groins. Each time, his "Master" talked to him, this guy has to respond by "meowing", "yowling" or something. VEE-VEE! Jason and I had a good time laughing our heads off, not because we mocked at them, because it was intriguing and funniest thing to observe! These furries stayed on the floor next to their "Master" when they were still in the "feline mode". He cannot step out of his "feline mode" until his "Master" communicated something of a code to him or him to the other.

Is Toronto Diverse? Jason, Adrian and I talked about the diversity in Toronto -- Adrian said that under normal circumstances, the neighborhood (Yonge & Church Street districts) are diverse but with the Gay Pride hitting the town, it was pretty easy to see more caucasians than any groups. But Jason observed something interesting at the local restaurant, Golden Griddle on Carlton Street between Church Street and Yonge Street, he mentioned that if we look at our waiter and everyone who works in that restaurant where we dined, we can see the diversity at its works -- I quickly turned to look at everyone who works there, one caucasian, one Indian, one Native, one Hispanic, one African-American, one Arab ... serving the large clientele of drunken gays for breakfast ... now, that is diversity, folks.

Next Gay Pride? After seeing the Gay Prides in New York, DC and Toronto -- I see the same thing: bois, twinks and clones. I think I'm done with the Gay Pride stuff for a long time. Perhaps in time, I shall write much farther on this subject whether if I want to go back to another Gay Pride ... again.

Get HIV! It Is COOL! I hate to admit this but it is rather sad and disappointing for me to keep seeing so many gay men whose faces or bodies are fucked up because of the side effects associated with the medications for ... HIV/AIDS. I mean, seeing guys having really bony cheekbones indicated that he is wasting. Many guys also has their bloated chest which indicated that they have Crix Belly -- not a pretty sight to see but it is gettin common these days. And frankly, I'm tired of gay men trying to clamor it as a "lifestyle choice".

Confidential to Perverts In The Sauna On 27th Floor of Delta Chelsea Hotel: GET A FUCKING ROOM! Who wants to watch you wank your thing, you fucking old geezers!!


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