Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dress Code & Thought

Bob Jones University is perhaps the nation's most nutty religious college. However, it has a dress code which is strictly enforced. I felt sorry for these nutty students. It is not prestigious to graduate from Bob Jones University -- in fact, you should be embarrassed that you graduated from BJU if you mention to secular friends!!

Anyway, it is hilarious to read the University's dress code..

I'm not a fan of Abercrappie & Bitch but after reading this, I say WEAR THEM!

* * *

It was reported that Natalee Holloway is likely to be murdered. Even her uncle said that she is naive and dependable on others to do the job for her. Such a classic dumb blonde, is it? She also attended her church regularly -- if she learned to fk the church and be the true mischevious a little in life, she'd be alive. Now there are people who are passing out the yellow ribbons? Yellow? Perfect color for a dumb blonde. What a FOW!


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