Friday, June 10, 2005

Bitchin', Nazism & Christian Conservatives And Others

Bitch Session VI Due: AS you know, Bitch Session is due tonight -- I probably will blog it before I leave for New York then to Las Vegas. I do not know whether if I will have someone to blog while I'm not here.

Comparison With Jews and Gays: Thanks to Magatsu for the tip, I find it very interesting and I think you will be intrigued with the similarities between Nazis and the Christian Conservatives.

McWeenie Talking To The Wall?: It appears that he enjoyed talking to himself. He probably thought he is the smartest person in the whole world. In one thread, he commented 13 out of 28 times, nearly for 50 percent. Pathetic.

I Am Touched: I was bit surprised to see Dylan writing an entry about me. I'm touched. Dylan is nuts but I cannot abandon him. He's more than just a friend. He saw the freaky side of me when I washed the dishes -- if I wash the dishes in the kitchen, I personally expected everyone to leave the kitchen so I can wash the dishes in peace. Or I go nuts.

FagPatriot Is Retarded ... As Usual: Dan of FagPatriot wrote this, To have that debate, Mr. Dean--and other Democratic--leaders need to stop calling Republicans names, stop defining us by their prejudices and to start taking our ideas--and us--at face value. Is this man *imitating Mrs. Corson* MENTALLY RETARDED?! It was them who slandered the Democrats with many names. Look at Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter -- they blasted the Democrats as "out of touch", filthy Liberals and all that -- insulting the Democratic Party on a daily basis to a point where the Republicans destroyed the spirit of politics in this country. And now he is whining that Howard Dean blasted the Republicans recently in San Francisco? And he whined that Hillary Clinton made a tongue-in-cheeck remarks about the Republican Party? Dan, don't be so fucking innocent in this matter, you fuckwad. People who lives in glass houses should NOT throw stones! Capisce, you with a big "L" on your forehead dickwad!

Confidential to Beck: Thank you and good to hear you once again!



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