Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Darlene & Toronto!

Tomorrow afternoon, Darlene will arrive with her friend to visit me and Gus at our palace for a night of backstabbings. Hanging out with Darlene is always fun. It is impossible to be "bored" with her. Which means, I need to take care of stuff around the palace before I can say "Hey Dar!"

She is gonna be here for a night before heading off to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile by Thursday afternoon, Merritt & Manny will pull in Norristown for me to hop in with them en route to ... Toronto!

I expect to arrive by midnight in Toronto. And all of us will wreck the city in time for its Gay Pride Festival -- I surely look forward to see Adrian once again and have him lead me around so that I can VEE-VEE at people all weekend long.



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