Saturday, June 04, 2005

Like Mother, Like Daughter

You know who the nutty Anne Heche is? Anne Heche used to be with Ellen DeGeneres before she went haywire and some farmer found her wandering around saying that she is God near Fresno, California few years ago.

Then few weeks later, after emerging from the psychiatric hospital, she emerged as ... a brand-new heterosexual woman in love with some freak who once worked for Ellen DeGeneres.

Like I care.

But after reading this article, it makes sense why she's nuts. It is because her parents are nuts as well!

You see, Anne's Daddy died of AIDS because he tried to be heterosexual by marrying Mommy, but ended up cheating on Mommy frequently and contracted HIV/AIDS. Sounds familiar?

And this Mommy claimed that you STILL can be heterosexual if you turn to Jesus Christ. This woman obviously did not learn a thing or two with their past -- many Ex-Gays quietly sneaked to gay bars after proclaiming that they are now straight. They often sneaked to the adult bookstores to kneel down and give men blowjobs then come home with sperm in their mouth, mouthed words: "Honey, I'm home. Gimme a kiss!"

Get a grip, fags. Accept the reality. Wake up and smell the coffee -- once you sucked a cock, there is no turning back.

Now I have to try to pull Jefff into accepting that I'm his butt-pirate. Any feedbacks? ;-)


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