Thursday, June 09, 2005

God, He Is So Hot

I called the video relay service today. The male interpreter came on. I was bewildered. I stuttered. I grimaced, grinned and flustered at the sight of him!

He is bald by choice, obviously. He is very macho, rugged-looking guy and signed like a man truly should be. I muttered, "Please call Liz."

He smiled, his white teeth gleaming. I knew I'm going to be fucked.

Liz answered, "Hey RT, how was the menage a trois?"

The hot interpreter then stared at me and smiled, "HI RT, HOW MENAGE A TROIS?"

My life is over as I know it. I said, "Can I come and visit you, Liz?"

Liz shouted, "This bar is very crowded, baby. Come over and tell me all about it."

The man interpreted it with masculine moves.

Oh, god. I'm so fucked up. I asked for his name. He said, "I cannot tell my name. My SVRS number is XXXX."

I'm idiot. I can't believe I was that dumb.

Who the fuck is he?!


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