Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ridor's Childhood Revealed!

This is it.

Little bits of my childhood revealed -- this picture on your right is none other than me and my little brother -- I vividly remembered Mom telling us to put our pants on, I retaliated and refused. I challenged her authority as she went on a belligerent rantings for a while.

The pop quiz is: Which one am I?

On another hand, this picture on the left occurred at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, sometimes I wonder why my brother landed his fucking face on my right arm?!

You know the thing that you get to ride on an object that floated down the rapids -- back then, I guess I tried to be vain and did not want to get wet -- so Mom shot this using un-waterproof camera in high-risk maner as Gary somehow laughed and crashed his nose on my right arm.

Now with this last picture -- here is the family picture that occured right after I graduated from high school in VSDB ... 14 years ago.

You may go ahead and make fun of us as well. And yes, Jeff, this is my Mom. As Jason in Detroit might say, "I is the WEE-WEE!"



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