Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Few Thoughts Before I Swim!

Ryan Church? Last night, LW3 Mark (LW3 stands for Lethal Weapon 3 which consists of me, Keith and Mark) paged me to tell me of an odd encounter he had with Ryan Church at Pentagon City Mall's Macys. Ryan asked to look at Mark's driver license and said, "I'll remember who you are." Mark got excited and paged me. I quickly googled Ryan Church. Oooo. He's hot, Mark. Save that ass for me, please.

Speaking of Baseball: Ryan Zimmerman is hot, too. He is expected to join the Nationals with Ryan Church. Ryan Zimmerman is the instrument that turned the Virginia Cavaliers from the doormat of the ACC to the upper echoleon of the ACC. He's only a junior but is expected to leave school. I love Ryan's sense of life. When the MLB players get their first paycheck, they tend to buy mansions or cars, but not Ryan. Ryan said that as soon as he gets the money, he wants to buy the slurpee machine that the 7-ELEVEN store has. Now that is something else!

I Finally Understood ... I just saw the picture of LimeShit.com's partner -- I noticed that gay Republicans pricks tend to be some kind of outcasts in every sense. That guy squealed that he visited the Nation's Capitol. I lived in the proximity of the Capitol -- and can walk into the building without securing the pass from anyone else! And I do not take pictures of things. I guess I took DC for granted. But the point is that ... gay Republicans seemed to be "odd", judging the pictures of different gay men (except for DowntownLad, he completely surprised and delighted me!!).

Finished the Princes of Darkness: I just completed reading the graphic novel of "JSA: Prince of Darkness" where you can see Mordru being triumphant on the cover of the book. One amusing incident where Mordru encountered an old character of 1950s product, Uncle Sam. Yes, there is a character named Uncle Sam whose has the same features that you saw on legendary posters, "I WANT YOU!" for the US Armed Forces. Mordru saw Uncle Sam and said, "Are you kidding?! You! You are nothing but clay to me. Clay to be modled into whatever I wish." Mordru immediately casted the spell that transformed Uncle Sam to be trapped into that poster plastered on some abandoned wall, "I want YOU!" where he belonged to. Mordru rocks!

Sometimes I Feel Like Mrs. Corson: Mrs. Corson's infamous outburst of "Your play is good for mental retarded people!" was my first thought when I read this article. Sometimes I feel I wanted to imitate Mrs. Corson and trash the phony Rev. John Smid of his actions. I am willing to bet you few dollars that when nobody is looking at him, you can find him at these sleazy adult bookstores to satisfy his needs in or near Memphis.

Gotta Love Novice Bloggers: It is hilarious to see a guy trying to put the picture on the center of the entry by using the excessive periods. Thank God for the knowledge of HTML to do the tricks. AT least, I do not look like a fool. You know who you are. ***UPDATE: He got the message and found the trick to correct his problem on his blog. He may hate my guts but he loves me and my blog. He reads it religiously. Copied my ideas then denied it like a true Republican. Go ahead, emulate but you'll never be on the same level where I am. Never had, never has and never will.

The Secret Is On: I like this guy. He liked me. And nobody will know for a while. Like Queen Elizabeth II, when timing is perfect, I shall announce at the appointed hour. But for now, we are following Graystorm & KT's method -- secrecy for the time being. Why? Because it is safe to say that we wanted to give it a shot with each other. To see where it leads without any interferences from anyone else, really.

Pool, Here I come! The last time I swam in a pool was at someone's home in Fire Island. Prior to that, I hadn't swam in the swimming pool in 3 years! I always preferred the pools more than beaches. Beaches still are overrated.



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