Sunday, June 05, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Frankly, I'm sick of Republicans who boasted that they overwhelmingly made the country red than blue, thus claimed that the people has spoken for. Actually, it is all bullshit. This 3-D image should put the whole thing to bed. That it is pretty much even. Most major cities are Democrats, they outnumbered the Republicans. The Republicans and Conservatives prey on people who are not college-educated or people who got married right after they graduated from high school.

If you look at the circle which consisted of Mormons who will do anything the Church tells them to. The square which consisted of Midwest folks who probably had not experienced a thing outside of their county. You can look at the rectangular which consists of Gulf States like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida -- these states consisted of rednecks who still considers the Confederate States to be somewhat better than the Union. And last, you can see the rectangular that goes from Alabama to New York -- that consisted of Appalachia folks who interbred and probably left school at the age of 10 to marry their cousins who lived two doors down the street. These are easily the hotbeds for the Republican and Conservative to go after and mislead about the issues that might affect the nation in the long run. All you have to do is: "THEY WILL BAN BIBLES IN CHURCH! THEY WILL PERMIT GAY MARRIAGE IN YOUR HOME!"

Let's say for sure -- Democrats tend to have intelligent and diverse backgrounds from different groups. Republicans needs Conservatives to spread the false information on these unfortunate people that Democrats intend to ban the bibles from schools, to permit the gay marriage, to wreck the "values of America". You can see that on this demographic of our nation.

This should pinpoint that the Republicans are desperate for the numbers more than the rights itself -- they are more interested in tearing and dividing people in order to win the elections. They are not interested in unifying for the best interests of the people. It is all a game to them. Look at Nixon, Bush, Gingrich and so on. It may be the only consistent among the Republicans, they tear people for THEIR interests, not for everyone's interests.

In other words, when I generalize the groups, try to lighten up, m'dear.


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