Saturday, June 11, 2005

Few Things Before ...

Las Vegas Or Bust: That's it. I'm done with this, that and there. I was supposed to head to New York on Friday but I did not feel like going on that day, so I delayed a day later. I'm heading up to New York. It may be chaotic and short time in New York before I leave for Las Vegas. Will stay with Chris & Shane then check out the Brooklyn Pride Festival which occurs today in the afternoon. Then rest a little, fly-off tomorrow to Las Ve-gas!

Ricky & Ricky: Today I was on the videophone with a friend from Seattle. It was fun talking with him. He's always great to chat with. He told me the funniest story that I had to mention this to the readers. He mentioned that his Deaf parents are now living in Chestnut Lane in Gresham, Oregon. Ricky mentioned that his mother told him of a bizarre story in the laundry room at the apartment building. One deaf guy who was struggling to adjust to his usage of motor wheelchair, apparently he couldn't get in the laundry room. So Ricky's mother offered to help him out by putting the bedsheets into the washing machine.

Then she asked him where the detergents is so that she can pour it into the washing machine for this man stricked on motor wheelchair in the hallway outside of the laundry room. The man handed her the bar of soap. Classic one, Ricky!! Tell your mother to keep supplying me the funniest observations she saw at Chestnut Lane!

Dr. Paul Cameron Is Not Reliable: I just saw one blog and was cringed that McWeenie used Paul Cameron's tidbits to point out that homos' lifespan is much shorter than heterosexuals. Paul was exposed as fraud and his research works are considered as garbage at its best. It is possible that homos' lifespan is shorter than heterosexuals but it is not by sexual nature. It is from oppression, the stress, the discrimination -- that drives homos to do the extremes of many things.

For more information on the phony figure like Paul Cameron, check this link -- this man does not deserve to be recognized as Doctor, which is why I said his name without the respect. Be sure to press the "According to academic rankings" where Paul's papers are disparaged -- hysterical.

Focus on the Family: The "so-called" family conservative group who is obsessed on the issues with gays' lives, it was founded by Gil Alexander-Moegerle along with 6 others. Gil Alexander-Moegerle issued the public apology for what the prick James Dobson did -- you may know James Dobson who accused several cartoon characters to be gay.

Remember the Dirkhising? I believe that last year, Kurzetard once complained that the media did not pay enough attention on poor little Jesse Dirkhising who were strangled by two gay men. She complained that Jesse did not get enough attention like Matthew Shepard. That bitch needs to read this.

An Editorial by Philadelphian: I was reading Metro on the SEPTA Regional Rail to downtown last night, there was an editorial where there was an incident on the subway platform where there was a deranged homeless man pacing back and forth and yelled at people that they need to repent and submit to Jesus. Then he shouted at two Asians who seemed to be paralyzed by his behavior. The writer said that he was interested because he observed that nobody did anything to tone this man's threatening behavior. He went on to mention that several minutes passed, two women came to the deranged, homeless man and passed him the money and told him, "Good job. You need to continue doing this." Typical prick of X-ian.


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