Tuesday, June 07, 2005

9th through 17th & Idiotic Bloggers

The plans are tentative but for sure, I will head to Las Vegas one way or other.

Starting this Thursday, I will travel to Manhattan and mellow around the city for three days before flying off to the Sin City. I will stay at Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas for 4 nights with Chris, a hearing friend (!!) of mine. Chris graduated from Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school whom I adored very much.

How do I get the access to the computer? I absolutely have no idea. I may as well as turn it over to two guestbloggers to entertain the readers. Should I? You decide.

* * *

Today, there was a heavy thunderstorm. I was in the midst of a conversation with someone via the video relay interpreter. The lightning struck. Knocked the lights out. I could barely see the interpreter trying to warn before the monitor went out. it is interesting -- I wonder if they could hear it BEFORE it went out?

* * *

There are many stuff that I could talk about today but guess what? So many bloggers turned me off lately. They probably did not mean to turn me off but the antics that they employ on a daily basis -- one good example with BoiFromTroy.com -- he thought W. Mark Felt was a coward for not pressing the charges against the Nixon Administration through the proper channels, I thought he was ridiculous.

1. BoiFromTroy claimed to be 29 years old for the last 2 years. He is gay Republican. He is twink-wannabe. He had the gall to criticize others but hide his name. He lacked the authority to criticize W. Mark Felt since he won't reveal his real name.

2. Look at DowntownLad's entry about Tommy Hook, the whistleblower who exposed the mismanagement at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was so honest and straightforward about what happened at Los Alamos and guess what happened to him? He was beaten and left for dead. But lucky, he's alive. See? That is the WHOLE POINT here. That is why W. Mark Felt realized that going through the proper channels would NOT stop the Nixon Administration from manipulating the system. Better to do this is to get the media involved.

And BFT whined that he's a coward? Well, people who lives in glass houses should not throw stones. BFT is coward himself. He had the gall to say that people who criticized him is a troll but for him to criticize others, he is not a troll? Fuck him and his double standards shit.

I think I rest my case to point out that there are many idiotic bloggers out there, trying to paint things that are not there to start with. Some people thought FDNY and NYPD were heroes when they were crushed to death at World Trade Center -- well, they were not heroes. They were humans who were paid to do the job -- that is to rescue and minimize the damages, like it or not. Like I said on other blog, I do not use "heroism" lightly. But since the 9/11 incident, the Bush Administration, Republican cronies and others had the gall to throw the word liberally at every turn -- even a cat that fell from the tree is considered as a hero!

Fuck this!

OH, yeah, you know what is so funny about one retard woman from Florida? She claimed that Aruba is dangerous. Let's see, 1 murder and 6 rapes per year out of 97,000 residents who also accomodated millions of tourists each year -- yeah, her daddy is right. Aruba is incredibly dangerous! Typical pile of shit.

That retard actually thinks I hated her -- I do not hate her -- I find her repulsive. I do not consider as a friend or enemy. She is just nobody that I do not give a fuck about. She needs to be censured and strapped with the straitjacket and toss her in the closet for a long, long and long time. That is where she belongs.

BoiFromTroy and the retard woman are two prime examples of what I am tired of reading the idiotic rhetoric about nothing else.

Just drop dead already, please.


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