Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Bar on 12 Street & Avenue A, Thanks For Everything!

Adieu to 12 & A: To folks who runs The Cock Bar on 12th Street & Avenue A, you rock, babe. Corey Tut, Kev, JonJon, Richie Rich, Amanda LePore, Henry, Nita, and that taller, massive bouncer with long, thick black hair along with many others -- if not for you guys, I probably would resent New York hearies. Each time I visited The Cock Bar, there was always something to see, talk and hang out. From everything between A to Z and more, I certainly learned how to appreciate and respect the differences of others. And each time I visited, I always had a blast time. The drama in the backrooms, the drama in the bathroom, the drama in the dark corner, the drama in everywhere else.

But again, see you soon at the new place -- in a place formerly known as The Hole. Yes, friends, The Cock is moving into the place that was operated by The Hole. The Hole is owned by the same owners who owned The Cock. But when The Cock is up and running, it gives the new meaning to the idea: The Cock in The Hole!

That Fucker from Six Flags: Remember the guy I hated on the tube, that Elmer Fudd or something who danced and do the shit for Six Flags -- makes me want to kill him on the spot. Someone over at has the strangest observation that I must admit is very brilliant -- check this out! If you do not know who the guy on right side is ... his name is Edgar Ray Killen, the ex-Klansman who was found guilty of killing African-American man 41 years ago.

And just to annoy the haters of my blogsite before I head out to Toronto:

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