Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Challenge?

Cheapskate Tactic: Someone obviously had a beef with me. He decided to be secretive and set up the blog dedicated to me, the goal is to rip me apart. I'm flattered that there is someone who has so much hatred and attention for me to a point where he went to waste 5 hours of his time to issue the comments to all of my friends and relatives -- yes, he went on to issue one on my kid cousin. How much depravity can one go? He claimed that I'm low, but sending the comment to 12 years old kid cousin of mine is inexcusable and very ... fow. My friend traced the IP address. The IP address is and guess what? It traced to Lloyd Ballinger, a guy working in Information Technology Services (ITS) at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. See the picture if you can remember him.

I do not have an issue with Lloyd Ballinger, it has to be someone else in ITS Department. Know why? Because at Gallaudet, it is nearly impossible to open the Internet without having your own account which the ITS issued to all students, faculty and staff. As usual, I'll dispatch few spies to do the dirty tricks to locate and identify the person -- it is matter of time before I know who it is. Either way, Lloyd Ballinger is responsible for his account if it is left for others to use. But again, I'm on it, though.

I care less whether if one wants to do things about my reputation, integrity and appearance -- it was all tarnished a long time ago and I'm so used to it. Sending to my peers, relatives and especially my kid cousin is childish, simply put.

The Miracle Worker: Remember her? She was tough teacher as Anne Sullivan whom I never got bored watching once in a while. I love the scene where Anne refused to let Helen touch her food and the drama in the dining room ensued. That sounds like me when someone tried to touch my food?

Grisly Discovery: Can you believe this? I would freak out and be puzzled to see this in my backyard!!

That Sounds Like Rico, Keith & Berna! I love Berna, Rico & Keith but they are die-hard cigarette-lovers. They will huff when they are able to do so. There, that and this. Sometimes I feel going insane with them but I enjoyed their company immensely. But this article is hilarious.

An Update with Swimming Pool: I had a peaceful time swimming down and up the pool -- it was a good workout for my mind, soul and left knee! When I came out of the pool, I feel drained, exhausted and tired. That is a good sign, I guess. Gus' mother is cool Italian gal. Like Italian mothers, she certainly have a lot to say about this, that and there. I like her.

Michael of GayOrbit.net: This guy killed the GayOrbit's aunt's brother? What the fuck? If it is his aunt's brother -- it is still his UNCLE, is it? Whatever -- the grisly murder occured in New Brunswick, Canada probably caused by drugs, the locals said. I don't give a fuck about it but after what Michael did to me, I care less about it -- in fact, I rolled my eyes and smirked a little today.

This Blog Is Not For Everyone Else: This blogsite is designed for my own thoughts and feelings to share and entertain my friends, that is the ulterior motive of mine. Some bloggers enjoyed my blogsite can enjoy this as well, good for them. But it is clearly not designed for people like McWeenie or crybabies who cannot take the offensive remarks at times. I am not here to please your expectations. I am here to entertain the readers who clearly enjoyed my thoughts and tidbits. If you do not enjoy it, simply fuck off. Just click the "X" on the top corner on your right side. It is not that hard. So quit whining about little things that I might offend yo Momma's stench.

Otherwise, I hope your evening went good as it did for me. Back to the secrecy thing with a guy. Cheers,


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