Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Stuff To Cover For The Day

Victorious: Now Alex Abenchuchan can shut up -- discrimination is discrimination -- I expected to put the flag up for one day but after winning the court case, the rainbow flag will rise on the Bridge of Lions for SIX DAYS -- what a way to rub in the conservative pricks? It reminded me of Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball team being ranked No. 1 in the nation with no loss, they went to College Park to play Maryland Terrapins who was ranked No. 23 in the country. The Cavaliers wasted no time in trashing the Terrapins and walked out with 111-64 rout. IN fact, the halftime reads Virginia leading by 45 points. Just like the gays did to the city of St. Augustine -- we routed them.

Ryan Zimmerman: Ryan Zimmerman has been selected by Washington Nationals as the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2005 MLB's Draft, smart move by the Nationals. Expect the great stuff from Ryan Zimmerman for DC's Nationals. Perhaps in time, I'll stumble upon him somewhere else. I'd love to.

The Birth of Hybrid Man: Interesting article and I guess these guys in the Appalachian mountains shall join the ranks of Neatherdals?

How Refreshing! A friend of mine forwarded this to me about this and I thought it was great -- McWeenie needs that so badly.

How Bush learned from Nixon: This is great article -- makes you wonder about the sincerity of GW Bush and Dick Cheney. These are not true All-Americans nor good people. They are interested in power, prestige and money.

Russell Crowe's Another Brawl: It was reported in all media that Russell Crowe became agitated and threw the telephone at the hotel clerk in Manhattan's Mercer Hotel, thus injured the hotel clerk that required the stitches on his face. Russell Crowe was subsequently arrested and he now is facing the possibility of prison time for 7 years and banned from entering the United States permanently. I honestly do not care about his antics. It is so fow. But ... what caught me the attention is that the hotel where Russell Crowe stayed costs $3,905 per night. Cowabunga!

A Question For Women: Today, I called the video relay interpreter -- an interpreter popped up on the screen. It was the person with bald on the top of head with long hair around the sides. What baffled me is that it is a woman. Can a woman go bald? I know of women being thinned out with their hairdo, but completely bald? Is this possible?

The Reasons I Hate GW Bush: Thanks to John Aravosis' about this link. Very creepy. Flash Required to view the contents.


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