Friday, June 10, 2005

Not Again!

I am willing to bet that after writing this entry which I am going to expose the corrupted practices of (Falls Church) Virginia Police Officers who mistreated Deaf friends of mine twice in a week, Michael Demmons of GayOrbit will say that none of this has to happen if Deaf people needs to shut up and accept their roles in the society, don't be so "victim" to the concept -- I say, fuck it. Expose them for what they did to Deaf people. For years. It is high time that we busted them and make them pay for their sins.

Many of us, Deaf readers, has been subjected to the harsh and condescending treatment by many Police Officers in different cities all over the nation. Enough is enough. Sue them for millions of dollars, Jason and Mikey. Let's severely destroy these fools to a point where the city lost control and the criminals run amok. Anarchy at its best! Falls Church is the hotbed of Vietnamese and Guatemalan gangs, so let's sue the Falls Church Police Department and milk them dry.

I was bewildered and stunned when I learned that my friend, Jason was ambushed by an African American male on 14 Street and Corcoran Street after going to Halo and Cobalt Bar. In fact, Jason said he was riding the bicycle and swung the baseball bat on his head just like that and tried to rob him in the middle of 14 Street.

Stunned, bewildered and nobody to help him out, the assailant kept on hitting him with the bat and yelled at him -- but he did not have money. He was injured but the assailant gave up on him and fled. Nowhere to find the cops and his jeep was within the reach, he was in state of shock and shaken by the whole thing -- probably also traumatized with the fact that his head was bashed by a baseball bat!

He drove off, realizing that he was bleeding from his head. In state of shock, he panicked and drove off to a friend of mine's home, Toby, in Falls Church. But Jason realized that he's not staying at Toby's place, he was supposed to stay with Jessy -- he realized that his head kept on bleeding, he decided to go straight to the hospital. He took an u-turn drive.

Jason was pulled off by the cops who gave him hard time. He was bleeding, and pleading the cops to take him to the hospital. They refused. He pleaded for an interpreter. They refused. The cops did not have an interest to realize that he was injured and needed help. They just wanted to test him for DUI. He had to hold the kleenex on his head while doing the straight line walk. For a while, the cops finally took him to the hospital.

But in the ER room, Jason was in pain and confused. The doctors and nurses were not allowed to help Jason because the Police Officers won't let them. They wanted Jason to sign the agreement that he was drunk while driving. Jason could not understand because he was fucking injured. But that does not matter to the cops. The interpreter was not even provided. The cops kept on giving him hard times for hours. Jason was told by the cops that they will put him in jail unless he sign the agreement first, then he can get medical help and obtain the interpreter. Coercion under duress.

Jason got upset, cried and felt so helpless at the mercy of Falls Church Police Officers, he went ahead and signed the agreement so that he can receive treatment for his injuries which included ten staples on the back of his head and ten stitches on his right ear. Also the cops ordered the interpreter to talk to him during the MRI scan which the doctors was trying to find out whether if he had brain injury. The interpreter pleaded the police officers not to do that during the MRI scan, they ordered her to. Jason was bewildered and could not see what was being said.

Jason wrote, "After I signed the agreement, the VA police officers seemed very happy. They gave me the three tickets and walked away."

Jason, sue them. Tell them that you were coerced under duress, that your rights were violated. Your Miranda rights were violated. Americans with Disabilites Act entitled you to demand an interpreter for the clear communication. Read this, "DEMAND", not "PLEAD". Sue the Police Department, the city and the Police Officers who mistreated you for millions of dollars. Do it. Physical and mental anguish at the mercy of Police Officers who are supposed "to protect and to serve" is travesty, immoral and revolting.

Jason and Mikey, you have the case -- go and sue them. Kill the pigs and bring me the bacon.

Do you know why the Police Departments kept on mistreating Deaf people across the nation? Because these departments do not have Deaf person working in their departments at all, they forbade hiring Deaf persons for the reasons of *cough* safety. Yes, you got it right -- to my best knowledge, no Police Department can boast that they have a Deaf staff working for them -- I'm not talking about volunteers or community service workers -- I'm talking about the PERMANENT position that can play the role of Police Departments with Deaf People. That is the problem.

Where was Brett Parsons, the so-called gay liasion of DC's Metropolitan Police Department to help him out? Nothing at all. It is interesting that some Police Departments can afford to hire an officer to work as the liasion for Gays & Lesbians but could not make one as the liasion for Deaf people?

We already had problems with the idiots with the FBI and the DC's MPD during the Gallaudet Murders Drama, I already 005ed the Greenbelt Police Officers in front of Jason, Manny, Tobes, Anderson, Jeff, Cody and Tom few years ago when they tried to berate the group after we asked for an interpreter. The fucking Greenbelt Police Officers realized that we meant business and they fucking fled the scene, leaving us to harbor our issues.

AS you can see, the problem is that they are idiots -- they are fucking hearies, therefore they are idiots. What do we need to solve this? Hire the permanent position for Deaf person to be the liasion for Deaf Commuity. It is no wonder that not many Deaf people of all races, age, gay or straight feel comfortable in dealing with the Police Officers who tried to wield its badge as the means to terrorize and trample on our dignity and rights as Deaf person.

This is travesty, please sue them, Jason and Mikey. Enough is enough. They needed a lesson or two in humility. Drag them through Hell.

Let's see if our dear friend, Michael Demmons would say that I'm making it a big deal and that I'm playing the "professional victim" as he thought me to be.


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