Friday, July 02, 2004

Andy and Jack

Some people asked me why I classified Andy's Blog as "Worthless".

One word: Hypocrite.

He proclaims to be a Republican conservative. He thrives Reagan. He thinks Bush is doing a great job. He attacks Kerry at all costs. He is a barebacker. Yes, he was exposed by Signorile Michelangelo few years of having a profile which he uses the alias name to scourge for any guys (it was mentioned that guys who wanted to be converted is welcome to get in touch with him) to fuck without condoms.

Basically, he sucks.

As for Jack Ryan, that fool conservative Republican who was vying for a position in the United States Senate has backed out of the race after he lost control of his "conservative looks" after the courts unsealed his interests in public sex.

Speaking of HIV, it may sound like I'm bit obsessed on HIV stuff since James mentioned that I am pretty harsh on HIV Positive guys. Maybe I am.

I was reading some websites and stumbled upon an interesting speculation -- here it reads:

Another speculation -- one of HIV's nastier tricks is that it crosses the blood/brain barrier and eats away at brain tissue, with resulting dementia.

No wonder I get that vibe when I read GeekSlut and Andrew's blogs.

Have a good weekend.


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