Thursday, July 29, 2004

Where Are You, My Mennonite Hunk?

When I saw the reality show, Amish In The City, it brought an old flashback of mine from the ancient past.  Enjoy.
When I was 11 or 12, I think I was very attractive.  I used to sport a tail -- about 5-inch long of thin hair that stands out from the rest of your hair in the back, very typical of a teenager boy in the Appalachian Mountains, I'm afraid to tell. 
I was on a school field trip to Eastern Mennonite University to visit the Planetarium, see the dome?  Yes, that.  However, some students from my deaf school were taking classes in Earth Science and Biology.  Off we go to visit the Biology Department and the Planetarium. 
There was a student assistant who works with some professor.  He is hearing.  I still distinctly remembered his name, Paul.  Yeah, Paul.  Paul himself is Mennonite.  It is somewhat a notch below the Amish beliefs, I guess.  But Paul is extremely cute.  I was incredibly infatuated by his presence.  I kept on smiling at him repeatedly when he stared at me inside the dome in the Planetarium.  He was probably 19 or 20.  He was perfect man, just for me.  Dark brown hair with curly ones, not so thin, not so big.  Just athletic with a humility look.  Whew.
Later in this very room which many PETA members and vegetarians would die of heart attack, the room is fittingly called "Head Room", as you can see the picture on the right, there is tables all way to the top.  I sat in the back ... on waaaay back right after the episode in the Planetarium.  Paul was busy closing up the Planetarium right after we left, I guess.
Then he came in and sat behind me, he played with my tail from behind as I watched the interpreter signing for 30 to 45 minutes.  That time was absolutely bliss.  He gently played with my tail and rubbed his hands on my neck.  We knew we'd click.  But that was not to be.
After leaving EMU, I never saw him again.
There goes my 300th posting.

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