Sunday, July 18, 2004

Donna's Luau Party

I got together with few friends of mine to head out to Massapequa Park in Long Island yesterday to be part of Donna's Luau Party at her magnificent home. 
By God, Donna is an excellent event planner!  She could feed the United States Armed Forces on her own!  We swam, chatted, drank, chatted, ate and chatted all day long.  It was absolutely great to get out of Manhattan for a day. 
Donna is hearing woman but she is pretty much accepted by Deaf peers mainly because she works with Deaf people, not for. 
She has three sons, when Mike came out to greet himself before the party attendees, we all turned our heads and gasped in lust.  Mike is to die for, my friends!  All women lusted, all gay men groaned, all straight men felt awkward by the presence of Donna's son, Mike.
Ahh.  Thanks for the party and Mike, Donna!
Looking forward to the next year, don't you, KB?

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