Friday, July 02, 2004

My Flat Ass

I also hated my ass. It is flat. I acknowledged it. There, I say it. Beth talked about her boobs. Now Char told me that there is an article that talked about the bigger boobs, the smarter women are. Now what about the flat ass?

Speaking of my flat ass, last year, the guy I had been seeing in the District, Rob complained fervently that I got a flat ass and that I need to work it up. I'm like, "How?"

Walk up and down the stairs. Make sure you push your ass out. Do it daily. Rob said.

Oh, I responded.

Who gives a fuck? Well, apparently the world and I do.

Last Sunday night at The Park, I was struggling to get to the bar, someone grabbed my ass. I was stunned and turned to see a muscular guy grinning at me. Of course, I was surprised at the magnitude of this scope, mainly because he is cute. I smiled a little. I quickly typed on my pager and showed it to him. He laughed out loud and hugged me. It reads: "Enjoy my flat ass?"

Then he typed back, "I like guys who has flat ass."

Oh. My first time in meeting a guy who likes that.

Nice, nice to be groped by someone who is attractive.


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