Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Amusing Thoughts For Your Own

This is the editorial that I found in NY POST and I find it very amusing -- have fun reading this! 

1.  Public Toilet Triumph

My opinion?  Read the article, 'nuff said.
Now on the second part, I discovered the article about the investigation by POST about a billionaire's son who is gay, he operated S&M sex club called The Winter Palace in his penthouse in Gramercy Park which is not far from my apartment.   As of now, the NYPD is being involved in the investigation about this illicit activity.
But that is not the fun part -- read the gay son's rantings on his website.  I had to laugh.
2.  Cops Probe Condo 'Sex Club'
When you're done, head to this!
2.  The Winter Palace
Have fun reading,

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