Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bitch Session XI

Disclaimer: This was written by many readers. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.


* * *
Dear Malcolm, the building drunk, please stop playing your karaoke music. Real music professionals do not resort to karaoke music and equipments for training or homework. Please go to an AA meeting for your sake. There are ways to appreciate and practice music without alcohol or entertaining the rest of the building as well as the adjacent building residents. Thank you.

Congratulations on your new home, Scott.

Mark Briand, no one will write a book about you, u know the hair dye commerical, "lorel" I'm worth it, well ur not worth it and he will not write a blog about u!

Adam Stone: are you auditioning for the role of Tevye of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’?

TG has a great sense of humor.

Hey Korn on the KOB! You're a wonderful person!

Dina R. and other lazy and lousy dog lovers who do not use leash and pick up their dog poop, crying wolf doesn't do u good. Again Dina, you caused this uproar. Get a grip!

WHALE FATTERSON (thanks, Pony!) will never be a member of deaf culture. He is searching for a niche' but so far has not found one for himself. 'Sad! His forum is failing because of all the egos involved. 'Too bad, Pale could do better!

Katie Roberts' judgement and opinions? *toilet flushing*

Carl Wayne Denney - I have been waiting for you for long time. Come on boy and be a man and ask Ridor for my email address. Send me email, Carl Wayne Denney, Im waiting for YOU!!!!

The Bush family needs to butt out of politics after the current Bush ends his term. Thank goodness his daughters aren't into politics as far as I know.

Josh Stern: if you think you are so cool guy....well you are very fucking pathetic guy. I heard that you have been accepted into NTID/RIT. You better behave and be honest to yourself and to others. So far you have been a black listed "hell-borned" idiot jerk by spreading some bullshit stories about other people whom YOU have issues with. You watch out or you will crash and burn in hell, just like what you did to Class of 2002 at Gallaudet when you stole their hard-earned money for their class shirts. It is very unfortunate that NTID/RIT welcomed you to their campus. You think you could start with a clean slate, well you are FUCKING wrong. For you who just met Josh, DO NOT TRUST him at all. You are even better being with Lucifer the devil himself than being with Josh if you get my drift.

Damn you mosquitoes. I thought I'd manage to not get bitten this summer. Lo and behold! You somehow made it into my apartment last night and bit me twice in a row. These raised bumps are next to each other with your lovely entries visible to the naked eyes. Now they look like a set of mini-boobs on my wrist. Thanks!

Jenny Perlis is great gal!

RONALD KINGSLEY: Gallaudet, Class of 86. Anybody know him?! Serious Mental Case! He needs help big time. He does nothing but sit on his whiny a$ whining about everything that has nothing to do with him. Get a life, Ronald! You already have a life and guess what, you don't even know it! Pity! Wife Lisa is the most feeble person to stay with him after all those years! She could have found a better, better, better, best man than Mentally Sick Ronald!

Did y'all realize that the sign for the state of Louisiana has been so fitting as of now, is it?

Jade's new website look is AWESOME! and BEAUTIFUL!

Nora Yates, stick to your own kind!

To Mental Nutcase, Michael Capone: Get over with it, Mary!

I hate RWR, a "hearing xian prick" from Houston. He is spineless and just tosses out worthless words without merit. His words are a waste in cyberspace.

Berna had enough gall to masturbate in the bed of Keith Clark's parents when they were away on vacation.

Is Prez Bush going to ride another bike tour to New Orleans after the Hurricane has done doing its wonders there? Or canoe around with the national canoe champ to survey the hurricane damage. Or, will he send his brother once again?

I still *heart* Ridor!

Jenny Perlis rocks!

MK is one of the best ITP graduates and baby interpreters in NYC. She has a great attitude and ethics. She's open to feedback, and she truly respects customers.

Kim is a hard dedicated worker.

Ridor is an entertaining guy with a good heart and sense of humor!

Fuck you, Katrina, for the terrible mess but thank you for making President
Bush shamely shame!

What? There is an email address devoted to Ridor? Get a life, AntiRidorBeast. Oh, by the way, Ridor already met Dorian twice and he still walked away with his head high. I doubt you would have done the same with Ridor, though.

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