Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Suspect Was Dan Hoyt

Remember last Saturday, I mentioned about the guy masturbating in New York subway on "R" train which an Asian woman snapped the picture on her cellphone. I wrote about that last Saturday. Some folks mentioned earlier online that they recognized this person was none other than Dan Hoyt, a 43 years old chef at a raw restaurant in East Village called "Quintessence".

I was hesistated to print his name because it was just a rumor amongst New Yorkers.

Well, NY POST and NY Daily News has confirmed that Dan Hoyt was arrested on the suspicion of public lewdness. It makes sense, actually. You see, the perosn who snapped the picture of this guy masturbating is an Asian. Dan's wife is an Asian. It makes sense that he was aroused by Asian women on the subway train.

I am posting this picture -- I do not know if it is him or not. You decide. I care less about it -- but his cock is not that bad.



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