Monday, March 21, 2005

Guess Who?

Today, I went to the grocery store on Broadway and 150 Street. When I am done with shopping for the week and half, I strolled up the hill to turn right on 152 Street (that's where I live).

I was carrying two plastic bags filled with not-so-fancy food, I saw the familiar face as this figure was with his girlfriend, he was shorter than I am. At first, he looked so familiar that I was bit startled by him. Perhaps he thought I recognized him at first, he laughed and winked at me. The way he laughed, I recognized him immediately but I did not gawk nor stop, we just walked past each other as if we are nobody else. It was funny. He was holding a girl's hand. This girl is obviously not the one we saw on MTV's Real World in Chicago.

I always thought he was dumb lovestruck. But it was interesting that he lives or visited someone else nearby my palace.

Not bad, not bad.

Virginia-Minnesota: On another note, I'm going to be very depressed for a long time. I have to deal with Sonny Wasilowski's rantings that Minnesota beat Virginia in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament. Virginia was dumb enough not to capitalize the game when Janel McCarville was benched with foul trouble. When Janel went to the bench, Virginia went to bed. The result is that Minnesota woke up and totally dominated Virginia.

Bad, bad, bad.

What Is So Special About Glenn Reynolds?
He is the political blogger from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. He may be the popular figure in the blogosphere and he is an icon for American terrorists, Republicans, Conservatives, X-ians and so on. Well, that's it. He is just a blogger. I did read his blog once in a while. It is interesting but it is still a blog. Yeah, I heard that he got hundreds of thousands hits per day. Which is more than what I get on mine, but guess what? That does not mean that he's special. He is still a blogger. Just like me or DowntownLad. But I am bit appalled at some readers and bloggers who get "excited" when Glenn Reynolds mentioned their blogs. It is like Benny Hinn trying to touch a woman and make her go timber on the floor. It is ridiculous. Glenn is typical pig in the American system.

ACC Basketball Blog: I was alarmed that several readers came to my blog from the ACC Basketball Blog -- they mentioned my blog. That's great. I was raised in the ACC Country, we are not that perfect but the ACC is full of soap opera that simply obliterated Days of Our Lives anyday. Since I discovered their blog, I just added it for my own benefits.

Now I'm gonna watch Utes play Cardinal on the tube. It's going to be very sad night for me. Oh, I also learned that Stanford University is one of few schools that was founded and financed by a corporation, not religious order or government. Very interesting.

Now back to pound my thoughts about the loss.


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