Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Never Thought I'd Mention This University!

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In the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament, Liberty University reached the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in its history as well as the first time in the history of Big South Conference. Big South Conference is not big-time conference like Southeastern, Big Ten, Atlantic Coast or Big East. I believe it is the first time that a team from Big South (men's or women's) that ever advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament.

Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, the right-wing religious, conservative and Republican nut who terrorized, blasted and destroyed many people's lives in the name of Jesus Christ. The only person that truly defied him was Larry Flynt.

However, back to the sport, it is ironic that Liberty was not able to beat Virginia, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion and Richmond during the regular season -- these teams are in the same state with Liberty. And all four teams bowed out of the tournament in the first and second rounds but Liberty sprinted ahead to face No. 1 Louisiana State.

There are some inside jokes about Liberty's close ties to Christianity. They beat Penn State Lions, 78-70 and Depaul Blue Demons, 88-79. Some joked that Christians beat Lions and Demons, just like in the Bible! Jeez.

I wonder if the Bible has something about the Tigers which is the mascot of Louisiana State? Anyone know anything about it?

I must admit that Liberty was lucky to have a player who discovered her confidence in herself. Katie Feenstra, a 6'8 post player who is also big, fat chick. When I say, "big, fat chick" -- I meant in a good compliment. She is not a pencil, she is not thin. She is big. For a long time, she seemed to wither against the stronger teams outside of Big South Conference. But after seeing her play against Penn State and DePaul, she was virtually unstoppable. Just pass the ball to her, she'll hold the ball above everyone and turn towards the basket and shoot over the post players. Nobody can really push her or knock her down. She's big enough to whack Sonny Wasilowski's favorite player, Janel McCarville.

So with the perfect timing of discovering her confidence, Liberty sprinted to its first Sweet Sixteeen appearance.

I'm glad for Katie Feenstra, Kristal Tharp, Rima Margeviciute and Daina Staugaitiene because they deserved it. But they played for wrong school. For God's sake, Liberty is Falwell's training school for X-ian nuts!


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